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A father to his son
What do he want,
On his birthday
As a special gift;
Son with a smile
Said a human kid,
Dad says ok
And goes to a shop.

He see there
Many humans,
Some old
Some young;
After a thought
He selects one,
He goes for a deal
And finds it costly;
He asks why so
For such a kid,
Shopkeeper replies
It's a newborn;
He's all blank
About this world,
His mom and dad
Will not leave easily;
Father gets the point
And pays the price,
Shopkeeper approaches
To separate the kid;
His family and all
Beg and plead,
The kid himself
Cries too loud;
But after some tussle
He manages to free,
Gives it to him
As he sets off.

Back home his kid
Waits for his gift,
He finds the baby
Cute and sweet;
He plays with him
Like any toy,
He beats him
When he cries;
Back in shop
Baby's mother mourn,
Curses the god
Curses that buyer;
Except this
She's all helpless,
After all she's
A mere human.
We never respected other beings; keep yourself in their place you will know their pain.

Lifeless love

Got married to him
Yeah that boring guy
Never appreciated me
My charm, My beauty
Wanted him to change
His style, His way
But it never happened
He stayed like that.

Today's our anniversary
Oh it's a silver Jubilee
How the time went off
Never realized
Saw one diary lying by
It was his
While going all pages
I get goosebumps
His every word
Has enormous love.

He writes therein
About his care
The dark nights
When he remain awoke
To guide me to health
When i was in pain
His possessive nature
Which he never showed
His all the tensions
Which he never told
He remained boring
To make me attractive
He remained dull
To make me active.

Now i come to know
About the real fact
That my beauty and all
Was not all mine
It was his efforts
That made me charming
His perspiration
That hide my wrinkles.

Fake wish

Kill me by a gun dear,
Don't foul mouth please;
Bullet kills my body,
But your words kill my soul.
Don't come on my funeral,
My soul will be in peace;
Instead respect that smile,
Which survived rarely.

Laugh, Leave, Forgive

I saw you
Heart said yes
Mind said no
Listened to heart
Ignored the mind
My mind stayed calm
With heart overjoyed.
You left me
Mind said yes
Heart said no
Scolded my heart
Applauded my mind
My heart stayed calm
With mind overjoyed.
I analyze my honesty
Heart says yes
Mind says yes
Think about the past
How foolish i was?
Move on with smile
Heart, Mind overjoyed.

Quote 27

Some said god writes our story,
I left it for him;
Some said i write stories of others,
I write it for them;
In the process of all this,
I forget to write mine.


A pen and a paper
Nothing else in hand,
I roam here and there
To write something,
But nothing glows up
Nothing kicks me,
I see a tree thereby
Don't know which it is,
Soon under it
I sit and try to think,
After few minutes
An apple fall,
I taste it and eat it
It feels so good,
Decides to write now
On the fruit in hand,
Want to write good
About it's taste,
But then thought
How it fell?
Soon i realise
It's just like us,
When we are kids
We stay attach,
To every friend
To every moment,
But as we grow up
Like this apple,
We leave our own
To achieve something,
That seems attractive
That seems lucrative,
But for that something
We loose everything.


Pearl of love

I will fight you
I will fight them
Fight everyone
Till last breathe
Who will come
Between us
Create hurdles
Create problems.
Your strength
Your number
Is much more
Than me
But with her
Hand in hand
With her
Faith in me
I will fight
I will fight
Not for me
Not for her
But for them
Who opposed
To give them
That something
That guilt
That remembrance
Which will
make them write
One phrase
In history
Which will give
My mortality immortality.
It's not easy to find god
It's not easy to find love
Either you say your god lovely
Or you say your love godly
It's like a deep sea
You don't know it's depth
But to get your true love
You've to jump in it
To discover that pearl of love.


Deep there in my veins
Runs thick dark fluid,
It gives me life
And makes me breathe;
People say it’s red
But it isn’t like that.

It changes itself
When it meets stranger,
To create an illusion
That it’s fake like them;
To make them think
That it’s one of them,
To make them trust
That it’s also wicked.

Contrary to all this
It finds peace therein,
Free to roam all around
Free to do his duty;
Free to do what he want
Free to make new friends.

It feels just like us
When we close our eyes,
And go in deep sleep
After tiresome day;
We work for food
And crawl for light,
But peace is such
That we get in night.

Black may look weird
May seem gruesome,
But if you use it well
It’s all awesome.


He took the birth
To set an example
To preach his sons
About the life,
To instill in them
The moral values
To bliss them with
The good qualities.

He thought his seeds
Are just like him,
Mild and Truth
Tender at heart;
Soon he realized
This wasn’t easy,
For all this to happen
He has to suffer;
Suffer with deception
Suffer with lies,
But he steadfast
On his teachings.

Even on deathbed
Asked for mercy,
Not for himself
But for our sins;
Today we pray
Remember him,
He was nothing
But our lost Hero.


Best Wisher

Man-made rules
Man-made justice,
Are all blind
Are all fragile;
Enemy of poor
Mistress of riches,
Law and order
Stays moldered;
Innocent punished
Guilty bailed,
Treachery and lie
Rule Honesty;
But some force
Some power,
Still prevails
Still instills;
Our faith in truth
Faith in good,
Keep us reminding
That far or near
There's someone
Either human
Either god
Who always see us
Protect us
May be hidden
Our best wisher.

No rules

You are not so beautiful
To attract everyone
But beautiful enough
To kill someone
You are not so cute
To charm everyone
But cute enough
To madden someone
Come on my love
Come in my arms
Commit some crime
Break some laws
Don't feel guilty
Don't be afraid
You will be forgiven
As i'll be that someone.

Blood Thirst

My brain goes for a walk
With heartbeats slowing
When a vampire bows
That too to a human
I ask the vampire why so?
He again bows and answer;
"Firstly you aren't a human
You are all cannibal
We want blood to survive
You for nothing
We need a ounce of it
To you plenty is less
We haunt in night
You hunt in day too
We care relations
You suck them too
Our hunger satisfies
Yours never does
With such accolades
Who's more powerful?"
He sounds odd but true
We are real vampires.

Quote 26

Mad me, Mad you
Mad should be whole world
No point being sensible
If sensibleness rules innocence

Quote 25

God gave me two options
My life or you;
I chose you
If i had chosen life
I had to live to know
But after choosing you
I knew how to live


Deep there in your tummy
I reside therein you, mummy!
I float, swim and play
In that small playhouse
When you eat, I eat
When you sleep, I sleep
I breathe because of you
I survive because of you
You suffer from anxiety
But never complain
After a lot of suffering
You give birth to me
You yelled too loud
Now you smile
Just for me you mom
You bear tremendous pain
Your eyes are teary
But still you laugh
I feel so relaxed
I feel so safe
In your arms mom
I feel like prince 
You went through a lot
To bring me on earth
In one or other way
I will learn a lot
Every word, Every notion
Every like and emotion
But if i am able to learn
The love and care
Which you have for me
May be a ounce of it
I don't require any prayer
To reach to god.

Thank you mom, :)....


Woke up early
Laid down early,
Well planned
Well executed,
No emotions
No weakness;
Then i saw you
Therein in fields,
You weren't alien
But seem differed;
Went to sleep
Closed my eyes,
Your cute smile
Your lovely hair,
I see dream
Without being sleepy;
Read books
Referred friends,
Some warned
Some motivated;
After a thought
Want to analyze,
So contacted you
Talked to you,
Interrogated you
Felt you,
Got to know
About you,
Got to know
Your likes dislikes,
To know more
I kissed you,
From thereon
I forgot everything.

You can never understand love; No matter how analytic you are.

# The attached photo is not author's work

Miss you sis!

A perfect annoyance
A true teacher
A tricky cheater
A genuine friend
A sister is all
From bad to good
You like or not
But she always reside
In your heart
In your every beat
Any other relation
Stays till death
But your sister is one
Who leaves you one day
To start her new life
With her soulmate
It's not that
You didn't love her
But that time, that day
You miss her dearly
You can't cry
As you are a man
But deep there you know
Your heartbeat slowed down.
Dedicated to my sister who's going to marry today. Wish her all the goods in life


In four wall prison
I cry for my mom
My mom comes rushing
With some pain on face
She asks to slow down
And feeds her milk
My hunger satisfies
But creates confusion
Slowly i understand
I was crying loudly.

I am grown up now
Play with kids outside
I hit a goal and celebrate
Daddy comes angrily
Asks me to study
My heart is juvenile
My mind is made mature.

I don't like my parents
Then i come to know
That we live in jungle
A jungle of concrete
Where king is invisible
But he rules you wholly
Here your dreams sucks
Living for them rocks
You lived for yourself and win
They fail your victory
You live for them and loose
They pass your failure.

Quote 25

Your beauty is mortal
Someday it will die
But you will stay immortal
Whenever i will write.

Shayari 8

मेरे प्यार के इज़हार को इक़रार करने में ज़्यादा वक्त न लेना जानेमन
कहीं तेरा ऐ इंतज़ार मेरे हज़ारों ख्वाहिशों की जान न ले लें


That player is best,
Found taking drugs;
This actor is awesome,
In reality he’s a looser;
He is just genius,
He copied from somewhere;
That leader is good,
Found in scams;
Too many options,
Too many quotes;
Everyone preached,
No one implemented;
Read every article,
Followed every priest,
Followed every religion,
But the thirst still persists;
The thirst of search
The search of truth,
The truth that’s genuine
The genuine that motivates.

Then looked at myself
My life, my past,
Remembered every struggle
Thought of every wound;
That life gave me
The people caused me,
Still I survived
Still I kicked problem’s ass;
My life is a real story
Why I should follow other?
I am unique
So is my life,
My life’s awesome
So I am
So I will.

Quote 24

Wait for competition and you loose
Search the competition and you excel.


Dad buys new shoes
One for me, one for him
Mine looks attractive
His dull and plain
I grow more older
Now more responsible
Just work and work
To keep my family happy
Their smile is everything
I don't think for myself
Now I got to know
Why his shoes were dull
He made his life dull
To make our life attractive.

Gentle Death

Red is the rose
Red is my heart
Tender and calm
It grows with warmth
You come in
Now it's not mine
Moment you kiss me
Said you love me
It's all yours now
It's all yours now
It has wings now
Flies in peace
Lives in dream
And never sleeps.
Then someday someone
Plucked it from you
And throws it rudely
You don't react
I feel surprise
After a while
I realise
That you used me
To get up to her
I am bit angry
But can't retaliate
As I loved you true
My heart was pure
Just like rose
I too depart
But my purity will live
Whenever you breathe.

Cousins: Not so cosy

Half your sibling, half your friend;
Half the emotions, half the feelings;
Everything's half, still it lasts;
The relation with cousin always survive;
Not too personal, not too formal;
Your cousin hurt you seldom;
We write on friends, write on siblings;
Cousin's love is never acknowledged.

They behave stupidly, They behave rudely;
Act annoyingly or look ghostly;
But when situations turn out wanting,
They rescue you mostly;
People visit others for advice,
While true adviser lies nearby;
Some work with heart, some with mind;
If involved both it turns out your cousin.


With tight tie around the neck
And waist covered with belt
I walk uncomfortably
To impress the fake smiles
To show my artificial status
With plate in one hand
And wine in other
I talk to my acquaintances
Whom I call my FB friends
There I see a poor boy
With torn out face and worn out look
I feel odd but can't do anything
As I am a societal man
I don't have appetite now
Still I gulp everything
Reached home, take medicine
Now I have heavy stomach
I vomit every ounce of food
I feel so tired so sick
I blame that kid for this
As he only evil eyed me
Now I feel awesome
Feel proud of my society.

Quote 23

A nation fails to develop
if it's degree holder is selected
and it's school failed is elected


Covered with expectations
My soul walks dead
I don't know anything
About the path I follow
My brain is everything now
With heart being murdered
I live to look good to others
Whose smiles are all ugly
Don't know when I laughed last
Don't know when it was true
My childhood was killed
By this so called society
The people of which
Behave oddly, Behave rudely
God made no rules
But this self proclaimed god
Made his own rules
He thinks he arrests everything
Being arrested by his own rules.