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Shayari 17

सोचा नाराज़ हो जाऊं
पर ज़्यादा ना हो सका,
सोचा बात ना करूँ
पर मुझसे रहा ना गया;
उसूल ज़िन्दगी के
मेरे आदर्श ज़िन्दगी के,
सब बदल जाते हैं
तुझसे मिलने पे ऐ दोस्त।


This Christmas Santa
I don't want anything,
This Christmas Santa
Don't give me any gift;
Few tears worth more
More than my wishes,
Few wants worth more
More than my toffees.

I don't hate chocolates
I hate the hypocrites,
Who in the name of god
Open the hell gates;
Who in the name of progress
Create air pollution,
Who in the name of supremacy
Torture weak woman.

That poor friend of mine
That old man on footpath,
That lady short of clothes
That soldier killed on border;
They all want something
Something that's everything,
Time for me will be negligible
Make that time their moment.



Missing someone close
Just dial the number,
Want to meet someone
Search pin code number;
From 143 of I LOVE YOU
To 786 of religious number,
Even in God's birth celebration
Everything is about number.

The degree of one's acceptance
To amount of one's hunger,
One's capacity to bear all
Everywhere there's a number;
Everything is about number
Age passes like a number,
Initial life in getting number
And remaining in earning number.



It begins with eyes
Touches the heart,
Evoke the feelings
Making us uneasy;
Seems like cakewalk
As we move ahead,
Trusting the love
Ready to take it all.

But then come bumps
Disturbing the flow,
Testing the patience
Testing the emotions;
Only few made the bridge
Uniting each other,
Others learn to live
Live without each other.



I don't remember anything
Anything that happened,
Except the misses
Yes! I miss the misses;
Miss them for they're mine
Mine when I was alone,
Miss them for the lessons
Lessons that made me strong.

People remember their love days
Want to live in dreams,
While I remember my miss days
Want to live in peace;
It's not as if I don't miss you
Not as if I don't remember you,
But unlike others
I just miss the misses.



Want to go back in past,
Past that never last;
Past when I wasn't cool,
Past when I used to fool;
Past when there was no he or she,
Past when there was only we;
Past where rules were broken,
Past when there was no burden;
Past where I was innocent,
Past when I never repent;
Past when I wasn’t mature,
Past that had no future;
Past that has already past,
Past that never last.



Boarding the train of life
I take off from birth station,
Got the pre-booked seat
As I am ready to soar high;
The train whistles loud
And slowly picks up the pace,
Everyone who were in queue
Lines up for new train.

Some seated in higher class
Some in lower class,
Just like the life of man
Everything is predefined;
New faces and new minds
Some different, Some alike,
Few come closer to me
Few remain stranger to me.

The time passes by
Unknown places passes by,
Passes by the phase of life
Teaching us at every stage;
The hair grows white
The air goes out,
As we reach the end
The end, Our destination.



I fell! I will rise
I failed! I will try,
But I will survive
I will move on,
From a heartbreak
From a betrayal,
From every problem
That's barrier to me.

Will fall in love again
Will try to smile again,
Because I ain't god
Because I ain't legend;
I'm just a simple human
With simple wants
With simple lifestyle.

The food he gave
The pals he bestowed,
Everything is enough
Everyone is lovable;
The questions and illusions
The answers and solutions,
All just lie within me
All grow and sprout within me.



Many times I thought it's over
Many times I thought I'm done,
But don't know from somewhere
I chose to do otherwise;
Not because I was not hurt
Not because I was divine,
I did it to hit back at problems
I did it to understand life;
Kudos to everyone just like me
Who prefer survival over suicide,
Who started a whole new line
When heart said it's the end.

# The attached photo is not author's work

Shayari 16

मेरे सिर्फ अल्फ़ाज़ों पर ध्यान न दे
मेरे जज़्बातों को भी ज़रा देख ले,
कहीं मैं कहना तुझसे और चाहता हो
और तू कुछ और ही समझ ले।


Whom to tell your pain?
Whom to tell what you feel?
Listeners will just listen
Giving a whole new look.

You write your feelings
They just see your words,
Then adding their thought
They create new story;
The result is disaster
As everything is remixed,
Originality breathes last
Making you look idiotic.

Instead prison your emotions
Lock them in your heart,
Increase the balance
Spend them cautiously;
More their numbers are
More will be the lessons,
More the lessons are
More you will be strong.

# The attached photo is not author's work


The  inflation  will rise
The  price  will rise
Rise  with that  the  fear
Fear built  by  media
But  he,  the  common  man
The  brave  common  man
Will  walk  on  and  on
Will find out new way.

The  path  may  get  stiffer
The  goal  may  get  tougher
But  the smiles  of pals
Make him sustain all
Like  the true  warrior
He  never  complains
Just  silently  fights  it  all
Silently  lead  by  example.

# The attached photo is not author's work


Food was enough
Hunger was satisfied
But the want for more
Made me fly there
Where all are fake
Where everything is impure
The food, The air
Even the love, The care.

Looking at them
Feeling them all
I find myself rich
Having everything
Who lusted for something
Which is just nothing.

Back to my land again
Though empty with hands
I feel well accomplished
Learned something new,
When wants increase
Hunger turns to greed,
Body needs kill soul
No rest, only crawl.



The fingers in hand
Stand close by close,
Looks senile and dull
Seems useless and frail;
But wind of thoughts
Still blow in mind,
The kid of optimism
Still play in heart;
Marking the youth
Telling everyone there,
That I am still alive
That I am still alive.


डरता हूँ मैं

कभी रब के नाम पर
कभी रिश्तों की वजह से,
लोग डराते चले गए
और मैं डरता चला गया;
कल जो थकता ना था
आज हारने से डरता है,
कहानी अब भी मेरी ही है
बस अब लिखता कोई और है।


Take some time out
Soar high with me,
Leave all your glum
You just fly with me.

You made the walls
Prison yourself in,
Unlock the door now
You just fly with me.

It's not why you live
But it's how you live,
That goes with you
You just fly with me.

Your life is beautiful
Cherish its every bit,
Kiss all your pains
You just fly with me.



He smiles and smiles cutely
As he walks slowly-slowly,
Only one aim is in his mind
To reach his daddy's arm;
He falls and cries a little
But again rise with smile,
His smile raises a will
A will to never give up.

Small are his steps
But long are his goals,
Low is his strength
But high is his stamina;
Learning! He never stops
Pessimism! He never starts,
Teaching us with every fall
Fall, Learn, Rise, Repeat.



Switching off the TV
Switching off the lights,
They ask to go to bed
Ask to get good sleep;
I move to my bed angrily
Murmuring my reactions,
For they stop me to watch
Watch my favourite hero.

Many years after, today
I miss their every word,
Miss those long sleeps
Miss those careless days;
Today I can see my hero
Any time, at any place,
But not my real ones
Any time, at any place.



Welcome their every kick
Welcome their every criticism,
Let the tolerance fades
Let your patience saturates;
Result will be the burst
Burst of your emotions,
Turning you to badass
Giving reaction to every action.

Don't try to stop them
Instead direct the flow,
Make it your strength
To counter your enemies;
As it is very well known
That this world is a stage,
So perform your best act
Showcase your originality.



The voices, the courage
Suppressed by rules,
Approach slow death
Drowning in sea of fear;
Crawling like zombie
Hunting every mind,
Brainwashed everyone
Making them slaves.

Cometh the rebels
Cometh the change,
For the sake of love
For the sake of liberty;
Few become legends
Names to follow,
Truth again triumphs
As humanity survived.



Everything is divided here
Even we the human beings,
Boundaries drawn on maps
Not just divide the land,
It divide the thoughts
Divide the way we think.

My nation, my passion
Instil the differences,
Pride converting to Ego
With unity sinking below,
Making you love yours
Making you hate others.

Only thing that stands tall
Stands true in this world,
Are my words that fly
Fly across the countries,
Knocking every heart
Reaching every being.

It can be a beautiful kiss
Or can be a rude slap,
It’s all about the truth
Truth which the world neglects,
I paint them in my words
Being a pen that’s neglected.



Why to go to theatres?
When we have TV!
Entertainment is served
And that too at free;
Here emotions are real
Real are all tears,
People here sale pain
Pain at cheapest rate.

You're not celebrity
Still you get paparazzi,
Sympathy comes at cost
Even for your death;
If alive and happening
They don't give you damn,
If dead and all lost
They will make you god.

# The attached photo is not author's work


Sweet and cute like anything
Tender and soft like nothing,
The fire inside counters outer
Droplets of rain adds freshness;
Leaves on tree grow up again
Giving it family to live with,
The bond grows as day passed
And emotions too grow strong.

Cometh the season of spring
Cometh the season of love,
As the flowers bloom to full
And the seeds fly far away;
Autumn marks the end
End of every single leaf,
And the tree waits again
Again to leaves come again.

# The attached photo is not author's work


Politicians have become the landlords
With we residing inside the farm,
Farmers toil hard to keep it green
Soldiers martyr to keep us safe;
Retaliation is done in talks
With number of deaths rising high,
Hands using sickle are getting less
Hands protecting us are getting cut.

This poem is written in context to the recent attacks by terrorist on Indian Military base camp and to the farmers who suicides. If you can't give strength to their hands how can you expect that the country will progress with harmony. Shocking scenario is prevailing right now.

# The attached photo is not author's work


First made it for protection
Later to create terror,
First made it for hunting
Now it’s used for haunting;
In search of better world
We divided the whole world,
Water and land at first
Then we divided ourselves;
Excuse of patriotism
Excuse of religious safety,
Leaded to animosity
Empowering few people;
The guns replaced roses
Tears replaced smiles,
We replaced the apes
But didn’t replace the instinct.



Relations make you strong
But strong from outside,
You work for yourself
Only for your development;
You neglect the wrong deeds
Live as everything is good,
Conscience commits suicide
Retaliation turns to despise.

Thousands may be evil
But one good is enough,
Enough to restore faith
Faith in humanity;
From cradle to casket
Life will begin and end,
Not many just one step
Will keep bad ones at bay.

# The attached photo is not author's work


"You have to do this
You have to give this,
The gods are angry
You have to please;
We are his agents
God meet us directly,
Follow what we say
and get blessed quickly."

In the name of yours
They loot us my father,
In the name of yours
Even darkness is fair;
We, the literate illiterates
Are blind by our senses,
Try to bribe you with money
To give us more money.

Pic Courtesy:   Alfredo Coelho

Shayari 15

मैं ना मजनू ना ही मैं रांझा
ना ही कोई पारो का दीवाना,
मैं तो जाम था तेरे होठों का
जो छलका और छलकता चला गया।

पहेली है तेरी ज़िन्दगानी

बचपन में ही बड़ा हो जाना
दूसरे केे घर को स्वर्ग बनाना,
दुनिया कहती है तुझे अबला
पूजती है तुझे दुर्गा और अम्बा;
तेरी ज़िन्दगी है जैसे पहेली
हर मोड़ पर है अलग कहानी,
ना कोई समझा, ना ही पाएगा
तेरी महानता को आंक ना पाएगा।


Sky was always there
With there was curiosity,
Curiosity of what's there
There in deep dark space;
Few guys got trained
Trained to go and explore,
Came out with new things
That changed whole concept.

Similar was with internet
Many were unaware of it,
Then CERN came in light
Giving world a new birth;
Exposing a common man
To numerous common man,
Blessing man with power
Power to redefine technology.

This poem is written in context with INTERNAUT DAY marking its 25th anniversary on 23rd August, 2016. Let's celebrate and applaude Tim-Berners Lee for revolutionising the internet world by developing WWW and making it available for universal usage.

# The attached photo is not author's work


You are the writer
Write your own life,
Don't copy-paste others
Write your original;
Many are the words
Choose your sentence,
You like it or not
The full stop is certain;
So go and add meaning
Stop following others,
Create your own sentence
Let the world follow it.

# The photo is not author's work


तुझसे झगड़ना अच्छा लगता है
अच्छा लगता है फिर मनाना,
मेरी सबसे अच्छी दोस्त भी तू
सबसे करीब भी है बस तू;
माँ का आशीर्वाद तो था हमेशा
पर रक्षा तो की तेरे इस डोर ने,
आ आज फिर लगादे चन्दन
बाँध दे मुझे तू यह रक्षाबंधन।


इस ज़माने के तराज़ू में
जब जब मैं तोला गया,
मेरे बोल के कोइ मोल न मिले
बस उनके मोल के बोल हुए;
सचाई, भला वो क्या चीज़ है
यहाँ रिश्तों का भी बाज़ार है,
बेचनेवाले कई मिलेंगे साहब
बस सही दाम का इंतज़ार है।

VARYING HUNGER- हर भूख अलग सा

Died inside long ago
Only body survives now,
Many predators fed on me
Leaving me in well to die;
The hunger keeps me alive
To face the world again,
My body is their prey
As I sell it everyday.

But one day he comes
He who seems different,
His eyes see my eyes
As he touches me deep;
He don't booze at all
But made me feel like that,
In his innocent voice
I faint like anything.

यह भूख भी कैसी भूख है 
जो हर दम बदलती है , 
 इस छोटे से जहाँ  में 
हर रोज़ यह बढ़ती है ; 
अपनी भूख की तलाश में 
मैं हर रोज़ भटकती हूँ , 
खाने की तलाश मैं खाना बन 
रोज़ कई भुक मिटाती हूँ I  

Shayari 14

कई चपेटे खाकर निकलती है शायरी
जितना ज़्यादा दर्द उतनी निखरती है शायरी
आप जो वाह वाह करके ग़ालिब कह रहें हैं
आप ही से शुरू आप ही पे ख़त्म होती है शायरी


This world is a school
We are all student,
We are here to learn
We are here to behave;
Here they sow conscience
To reap our efforts in future,
Define new relations
Ask us to learn them.
Then a bell goes on
I meet someone different,
Who follows no rules
Who seems all stupid;
For him bondage is freedom
To be close is to be true,
Nothing relates him and me
May be that's why he's close to me.
Happy Friendship Day to everyone out there. Thanks for becoming a part of my life.


ना रिश्ता कोई खून का
ना ही जज़्बातों का,
ना कोई उम्मीद है तुझसे
ना प्यार करता हूँ तुझसे;
फिर भी जुड़ा है तू मुझसे
वाकित है मेरे नस नस से,
जानता है सारी बातें तू
पहचानता है तू रग रग से।
तेरी हर बात लगती है सच्ची
बुरी बात भी लगती है अच्छी,
रूठने का यहाँ कोई नाम नहीं
माफ़ी का यहाँ कोई काम नहीं;
एक रिश्ता होता है आदर का
एक होता है प्यार का,
पर जब दोनों मिल जाते हैं
बनता है रिश्ता यार का।


Leaving everything behind
You come along with me,
In my ignored barren heart
Sow seeds of love therein;
Grass of hope spreads
Desert of loneliness shrinks,
Who is the question for all?
Wife is the answer for all.

Wanted to grow quickly
Now want to be child again,
This world rudely denying it
Tagged me as grown man;
But with you oh my dear
I am free to be insane,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all.

You share my every stress
If untold ask again and again,
Force as if you're mom
Upset as if you're friend;
People make jokes on you
You save me becoming a joke,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all.

My life so far was good
You made it much better,
Bearing the deadly pain
Give birth to a child later;
I was happy to have you
Now I'm blessed to have you,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all. 


This poem tells a story of three entities; a boy, his heart and his mind and what goes on through each of them when a girl encounters. It's the mixture of confusion, love and pain. It's the story of falling in love, getting heart broken and moving on with life.

It's a story of every boy



Two sides of tennis court
Describing my two roles,
One when I'm out to earn
One when I'm back in den;
Two rackets of home and job
Hit as hard as they can,
One rejuvenating me
Other leaving me exhausted.

Both wants me to ace
Wants me to pick pace,
One does that by love
Other by winning deuce;
From here to there
From there to here,
Break after break
My life goes on.

Then comes the set-point
As everyone gets tensed,
Everyone sees my fall
No one sees my moves;
Match point it is
As the game gets over,
Over with that my life
And my life's purpose.


I saw you
You saw me
I sketched you
You painted me
I added one emotion
You filled me with many
Then an exchange
You got mine
I got yours
Very happy we were
A lovely couple we were
Then some rain of criticism
As you lose faith in me
Your painting washed away
But my sketch stood firm
We both loved each other
Both tried our best
But you searched everything in me
And I found everything in you.


Holding momma's hand
Accompanying my dad,
I walk little and slowly
Move happily and coyly;
Big, Big and Big
The world is so big,
Small, Small and Small
I look so small.

Large are the buildings
Tall and frightening,
Countless are the kids
Of different creed;
Love the atmosphere
Everyone out there,
Everything is awesome
With all smiles, no glum.

Suddenly a bursting noise
Laugh changes to dead voice,
Uncle and Aunties running hard
Crying and shouting loud;
Some of them fall
Some of them crawl,
But one by one
Harmed by someone.

Then I see a man
Firing bullets like insane,
Plan to give chocolates
Yummy it tastes;
He takes and throws them
With me too he does the same,
The bullet hits somewhere deep
As I go to an early sleep.

Dedicated to every single innocent person who are getting killed by their own species. May their soul RIP.


Mom, Dad and relatives
My world consists of this,
Then I entered new place
Saw and met new people;
Many became good friends
But you got the best tag,
May be I seem too rude
Friend I never forgot you.

You made me smile
You made me look silly,
But I was in all trouble
You were always by my side,
Many laughed at our bond
Some even tried to break,
May be I wasn't that good
Friend I never forgot you.

Then the time came
You went too far,
Seemed as something was lost
Something much precious;
I never understood it
Till the gap started haunting,
May be my act wasn't cool
Friend I never forgot you.

I got married now
Entered a new life,
Job to home, home to job
Became my routine;
My priorities changed
But I am still the same,
May be I forgot myself too
Friend I never forgot you.

Dedicated to my best friend.


Right here in my body
My heart beats hard for you,
It's just like traffic signal
Waiting for your signal;
My mind shows red signal
Stopping it to go further,
People give yellow signal
To approach with caution.

Confusion and tension grows
As more people lines with me,
All are occupying zebra line
With me standing behind;
Looking for your signal
Everyone seems confident,
With time passing by
My hope takes a churn.

Here comes a signal
As everyone's out to run,
No one moves even an inch
As they seem stuck on line;
My heart meets your
As they both unite,
Everyone seems surprise
With them surprise I am.

You look at me and smile again
Says it's the line that matters,
The line stands for respect
Here respect is my respect;
There were lots of man out there
Many were rich, Many were handsome,
But I chose you from them
For you don't love me, you adore me.

अंततः जवान

तुझसे ही मैं बना
बना मेरा जहां,
तेरे साथ खेला
तेरे आँचल में सोया;
गुजरा मेरा बचपन
तुझे देख हुआ बड़ा,
तुझीसे इश्क़ हुआ
तुझी मैं हुआ फना।

यह हीर-राँझा
यह शिरीन-फरहाद,
की मिशाले दी गईं
कई तारीफ़ें भी हुई;
पर मेरी दिवांगीको
मेरे यह पागलपनको,
न चाहीये कोई तारीफ
न ही कोई अलफाज़।

तुझीसे हूँ बना
तुझी में मिल जाता हूँ,
जवान ही जीता हूँ
जवान ही मर जाता हूँ।


I rolled the tongue
Apply pressure
My teeth got stuck
My heart beats fast
I feel the tension
Fear the criticism
Use different word
Search the alternates
Sentence is over
In my mind
But I fumble
Didn't speak a word
Feel embarrassed
Wanted to die
To be dumb is better
Than being a stammerer
But next day
Again I speak
May be good
May be bad
Yes I am the one
Who you tease
A part of comedy
A mode of joke
Still I fight with you
To prove you
That as long as
My heart beats
My voice will not stop!

Dedicated to all stammerer including me.


Less was my earning
Less was my demand,
Just earn, eat and sleep
As my wants reprimand;
In darkness of deficiency
I find nothing charming,
To care about my family
Was beyond everything.

But my hunger for more
Leads me to earn more,
Earning leads to luxuries
Luxuries lead to greed;
Now I am low on sleep
With emotions taking dip,
Things are my family
My families are now things;
The lust for more
Makes me to rob more,
Rob myself from reality
Rob myself from myself.

Armyman- A real superhero

I wanted to be a hero
Want to be renowned,
Fight villains
And dance like them;
Fly like Super-man
Fight like Iron-man,
Hide like Bat-man
Jump like Spider-man.

Then one day I met him
Well uniformed and armed,
A mere human he was
With smile on face;
After few days he left
Left to fight somewhere,
Didn't know where
Didn't know when.

Later I heard of arrival
Arrival of him at home,
I saw him and shocked
As his body still bleeds red;
Went close to him
Asked what happened?
Always keep smiling
As he dies saying this.

Tribute to our real hero, their bravery and their sacrifice. No one can and no one will take their place in our heart.



He never protects but teaches you to fight,
He expresses less but loves you the most;
He's the unsung hero, a dark Knight,
Your true guide in every plight;
Writer's write less on him,
Exposing what he looks outside;
Terming him as buildings beam,
Neglect his soft corner inside.

As it's my first father's day, I remember what it's being a father.

Happy Father's Day to Me, My father and Every father.


Elected them
Followed them,
Paid taxes of state
Worked for its progress.

Then one bullet
And all over,
Few candle march
Few seconds silence.

Born priceless
World added price tag,
Then when dead
World added obituary.

Life is cheapest thing
Cheaper then any product,
Anyone can auction it
With lowest bid.


Time changes 
Thinking never does,
But fire of love
Always survives;
Sometimes killed
Sometimes betrayed,
In war of this love
Everyday someone martyrs. 

वक्त बदल जाता है
सोच नहीं बदलती,
प्यार की लौ लेकीन
सदा रहती है जलती;
कभी जमाने ने मारा
कभी अपने प्यार से हारा,
इस इश्क़ की जंग में
रोज़ सहादत होती है। 


Don't give me more money
It will make me greedy God,
Don't give me more life
It will make me burden;
Give me more pain
More deceit, More hatred,
Make me suffer hard
Take me to breakdown.

Don't worry I won't die
I am a writer,
I'll add words to sufferings
And make them immortal;
Immortality of which will last long
Long with my readers,
Good or Bad, Criticize or Praise
In them I'll live forever.



Everyday I went out Out of my home, Saw pain in everything Spreading everywhere; Injustice, Betrayal, Merciless Words played around me, Trying to sort out those Found myself paralyze. Blood, Skin, Hair, Nails Everything were same, Differed were the emotions With many evergreen, few barren; Why I felt their pain? Why the conscience arised? Why could I only saw the grief When others too had eyes? Then the time passed As I saw ups and downs, Few came in life Few went away; One after the other New relations added, Personally and professionally The duties grown up. Emotions dries up Under the sun of life, Conscience gets murdered By my own humans; Next life god don't give me birth If given don't give heart, Nothing is in living like zombies Feeding on our own people.


Filled up with emotions
Or red hot with anger
Want someone to listen
Want someone to hit some
First one shows you weak
Later terms you as hard-nut
What to do then?
How to manage then?

Get ready with pen
With ink of your feelings
Pen down them
Make them real
Result will be epic
With words getting lives
Nothing worth more than writing
Writing with feelings.


You on that side
I stand on this side,
In between flows the river
River of man-made rules;
I can see you blushing
Seeing me occasionally,
Want to come to me
But afraid of the laws.

I am too afraid
Too petrified by results,
But love for you in heart
Strengthens my will;
Made a boat of compromise
The river breaks it,
Made a bridge of plead
The river rejects it.

Down and out I am
As I decide to swim across,
Breaking all the rules
Countering all of them;
Reached your bank
Hoping for your hand,
But you again refrain
As I drown smiling at you.


My life is like an email account
It's all mine and only mine,
Get a unique username
Protected myself with password;
Compose, Type and Send
My thoughts to her,
Inbox, Receive and See
Her thoughts for me.

Many times it's good
Some times it's not,
God is the service provider
Charging my every chat;
One after the another
Hinders my way,
But effort after effort
I toil hard to pay.

I am patient
But she is not,
She lost the taste
As she blocks me off;
I feel alone
Waiting for her in inbox,
Then one day find God
Waiting for me in spam.


Fear of being criticized
Fear of being laughed at,
Pulls me back
Pressurize me to retreat;
Want to climb up
Up from the darkness,
The bog of fear
Pulls me further.

After much retaliation
I loose my hold,
Fall in deep there
And eye meets eye;
Surprise as they are
Looking at me,
Predators are my prey
As they retreat from me.


धक धक धक धक 
धड़कता है यह दिल,
मच मच मच मच 
मचलता है यह मन;
जब जब जब जब
देखता हूँ उन्हें,
तब तब तब तब
डरता हूँ मैं।

क्या क्या क्या क्या
सोचेंगे वो क्या?
हस हस हस हस
हसेंगे वो क्या?
घूर घूर घूर घूर
उनकी घूरियत,
डर डर डर डर
डराती है मुझे।

पर पर पर पर
कभी न कभी,
कह कह कह कह
कहीं न कहीं;
लड़ लड़ लड़ लड़
लड़ना है मुझे,
जीत जीत जीत जीत
जीतना है मुझे।

तो तो तो तो 
आज क्यों नहीं,
अब अब अब अब
अभी क्यों नहीं;
चल चल चल चल
दो हाथ हो जाए,
फस फस फस फस
फैसला हो जाए।

RHINOMAN: A Dream Hero

Done with hectic job
Tired and all drained,
Close my eyes now
I start on dreaming.

A bright colorful day
Monsters terrorizing,
People running all over
Screaming and crying;
Then enters a hero
Ya! It's me, Rhinoman,
Run hard and harder
Ready to punch them;
Then a tearing sound
Oops! Stitches tear apart,
I am now all nude
Monsters are laughing;
Laughing with them a baby
He too joining the party.

I smile at the kid
And take off his nappy,
Laughing turns to crying
Joker turns to hero;
As I punch them down
And save all lives,
It's time for recognition
I'm ready for a honor;
This time I'm all dressed
With no margin of error,
Just then a dream breaks
And again it's time for job.


Sitting in AC room
I observe man working there,
Toiling hard and hard
Just to earn some food,
Feeling pity and sympathizing
I did my work as human.

Watching TV at home
A girl raped by many,
Listening her story
Just like watching movie,
Blaming the government for it
I did my work as human.

Passing by accident spot
I see a gathering standing by,
Pierce to find my way
See a man half dead,
Cursing the driver for that
I did my work as human.

Ignore many beggars
Their sufferings, their pains,
Why I should help them?
Their karma was such,
Begging God for mercy
I did my work as human.


Memorize the tables
Memorize the alphabets,
Memorize every name
Memorize every relation;
More the memorization
More my memory built,
I feel awesome
I feel invincible.

Heart broken by one
Betrayed by some,
Want to forget her
Want to forgive them;
But my strong memory
Yes my strong memory,
Makes me dull
Makes me vincible. 


The light of hope survives
With every knock at your door,
Wind of criticism blows hard
With my hope struggling hard;
Then the door opens
With you standing in front,
Your small puff of ignorance
And the hope extinguish.

Quote 29

The page is light,
The ink on it is light too;
Heavy are the words,
That accompany my emotions.


He always come early
Always before time,
Today I should be
Be first on date;
Oh yes! I am well before
Let me hide myself,
Take some corner seat
And surprise him.

Ten minutes gone
Still he's not here,
Let me order coffee
His best time pass;
Hot and sweet it is
Its aroma lure me in,
Feels like he's kissing me
Making me go crazy.

Thirty minutes passes
Passes with that my patience,
Just then he appears
As he apologizes to me;
I don't say a word
And hug him tight,
Today I come to know
How he feel;
When everyday I'm late
And he's waiting for me,
Never complain, Never whine
Welcoming me with all smile.


From A for Apple
To Z for Zebra,
From Humpty Dumpty
To Baa Baa Black sheep;
I added every lesson
Subtracted every error,
Multiply my marks
Divided myself from others;
Studied and studied hard
Got every degree,
Excelled in everything
Everything I got into.

Tagging with a price tag
I am off to sell myself,
Shock and surprise I am
As long queue awaits for me;
Some rejects for my price
Some for my knowledge,
20 years of education
Evaluated in 20 minutes.

Toiling hard for months
Discounting on my price tag,
I am entitled to work now
Do 8 hours job now;
Sir Newton, Sir Einstein
None of them exist now,
Forgot every scientist
Only their finds I know;
Half the life passed
Half the life will pass,
I am not the only one
This story is of everyone.


Inside your tummy
Oh my dear mummy,
I roll and roll hard
Jump low and high;
Few punches there
Few kicks here,
Want to get out
See the outer world.

Out here now I am
All amazed, All surprised,
I get to see this
From your lap;
Slipped a little
Then toddler's way,
I put my first step
From your lap.

The world lures me
As I go further away,
Built my own world
Own my own home;
From morning to night
I toil hard,
Just to get that peace
Peace of your lap.

Tired and all out
Now I am back to you,
Come mom, make me sleep
Make me sleep deep;
My house is nothing
Nothing compared to lap,
Ya the lap, my home
Home of my Mom.

Happy Mothers Day

Dedicated to my, yours and to every mother. Your first and true love, Your Mom.


Hey you! Yes you dear
Come behind me,
Slowly and silently
Move behind me;
Oh! It’s very dark
Are you alright?
Don’t be afraid
Just hold my hand;
Ah! What’s that!
Did you hear that?
Don’t be afraid
Just think of me;
I think we reach
Now let me go,
Have patience
And believe me.

Lights and camera
Be ready with selfie,
Ladies and gentleman
Be ready to bash;
Sing the song
Beat the bang,
Let the lady dance
And make her day;
Come and join me
It’s all for you,
Let me celebrate
Celebrate your day;
Please don’t cry
This is the beginning,
It won’t go away
Will stay till last;
No gifts, only hugs
No wish, only pray,
Only thing to say
“A very Happy Birthday”.

Go and Explore

Let the needle of abuse prickle you
Let the smell of love enchant you,
You laugh, You cry
Let your emotions break;
This world is your cheat
Copy everything you want,
Why to work in room's silence
Write your voice with outside noise.


Out of the womb he comes
All tender, All soft,
Want to take him in hand
But afraid of dropping him;
Then get some strength
And ready to pick him up,
Just then a gush of people
Everyone surrounds him.

I peep from here and there
Just to get his glance,
After many efforts
Get near to him;
Pick him in my arms
A godly touch I feel,
Smile as he sees me
With emotions flowing in.

After few moments
He starts crying,
People starts blaming
As if I am culprit;
They try to take him
As I resist hard,
After persistent force
They take him from me.

Lone and sad I am
I sit afar from child,
Then a way look clear
As people move away;
My wife asks for me
As I move ahead,
Happy again I am
I see him again.


God-made we were
God-made the plane,
Too many lives in queue
Waiting to dive in;
After a boring wait
Came my chance to dive,
Get pushed by the keeper
As I took-off for earth.

Pushed from the same
Reached different place,
Place differing in culture
Differing in tradition;
Some reached America
Some to Australia,
Some to India
Some to Syria.

Got citizenship by birth
Got name by religion,
Few years passed
I got family too;
Happy and secured I feel
Proud and honored I am,
My nation was the best
Others were second to it.

Then few bombings on roof
As I am all petrified,
I run with my family
In search of peace;
There he is
My colleague in plane,
As I ask for shelter
Which he denied soon.

Nothing left for me now
Ready to do anything,
Tried to enter forcefully
Unafraid of even sea;
After much struggle
I get to that side,
When turn my head
Find myself alone.

I curse the god
Curse the plane he send,
But it's all vain
As it was all scripted;
Work again hard
Again I am citizen,
Again my nation is best
Again I am all alone.


No topic to write with
No idea to write on,
Just then recalled you
That last time I saw you;
Intuitions start arising
As I get ready with pen,
Want to write you down
Fill life with my ink.

Everywhere its love
As gloom fades to death,
Beauty, Cutie and Love
Tends to be your synonym;
Starts with your cheeks
As they blush to turn red,
Eyes starts glittering
With words fill with touch;
Breathe in your breathe
As I give air to you,
Lip to lip touch follows
As I fill life in you.

There you go now
Everything is ready,
Sketched you with words
Painted it with emotions;
Without brush and color
I created your image,
Now let me add copyright
And make you all mine.



The Earth trembles hard
With that shakes my home,
Run rapidly in my room
To find my family's well-how;
Just then a guy come
Pull me out of the home,
I yell hard to get in
But he said its all over;
After few minutes drama
The play comes to still,
The climax is all silent
With I am on loosing side;
Days and days pass
As I gloom and cry hard,
Then one day decides to leave
Leave this mortal world.

Tying a knot on ceiling fan
I am ready to suicide,
Just then a chirping sounds
Disturbing all my plan;
Climb further up
To see a nest on fan,
Two little birdie chirps
Chirping hard for food.

I search for their parents
Found them dead nearby,
Get in the kitchen fast
And out with some food;
Feed them in their mouth
As I decide to live again,
Every show has an end
For next show to begin.


Far you are
So is me
See and feel
The air around
The air touching you
The air feeling you
Is the air that i kissed
Is the air that i hugged


Took her in my arms
Hugging her tightly,
Everything just stopped
Time too taking a rest;
Loosened up a bit
And moved forward,
Kissed her forehead
As she breathe hard.

Little down and I saw
Two beautiful ponds,
Ponds which drowned me
That made way to your heart;
I drank water of both
As it satisfied my thirst,
I feel rejuvenated
New energy flowed in.

Next task was hardest
Time to kiss your lips,
Distance was two inches
Yet seemed so far;
Your lips trembled
Conscience hindered me,
But everything calmed
Once I felt them.


Far from my family
Far from my home,
In this unkind place
I stay all cautious;
Its night all here
Only stars accompanying,
My daughter must be awake
Time to lull her to sleep;
Oh there's my wife
She looks damn gorgeous,
Let me hug her
As it soothes my aches;
My eyes are opened
I dream in a blink,
In fewer seconds
I go and come.

The heart weighs heavy
With emotions flowing,
I want to go back
To my sweet homeland;
But No! I won't
I will stay steadfast,
My country needs me
So do my countrymen;
My family do matter
I crave to see them,
But country matters the most
Can't see her in pain.


Up and down
Right and left,
Sometimes straight
Sometimes curve,
The ink flows on and on
My poem goes on and on;
Stop, stop, stop
I warn you dear,
Don't try to flaunt
Don't come near;
I may not express
I may not show,
The love for you
My compassion for you;
But my words do
Will flirt with you,
Will allure you to it
Will make you slip.


Life begins with signing up
Creating new username,
Signing in with that name
Contacting new people;
Liking and commenting
With contacts increasing,
Few you love, Few you hate
Others serve as support;
Then comes the time
Your contacts get erased,
It's time to sign out now
And creating new account.


Wify went to the market
I'm alone with the baby,
After few giggles and smiles
The cutee started crying;
I fell in deep confusion
How to cope up with this?
After much analysis
Came with few options;
First tried with television
Then with few snacks,
Next was new clothes
And then a bike ride.

After some quiet hours
He again started crying,
Now I am in deep trouble
Just then a door knocks;
Comes his lovely mom
As I hand him to her,
His mom with a smile
Huggs and kisses him;
Then goes in a kitchen
Coming up with a bottle,
Feeds him in her lap
As he goes to peaceful sleep.

Now I feel all relaxed
And get to learn one lesson,
All one needs a love and food
Others don't matter a lot.


No more outdoor plays
No more meeting friends,
Inside the four walls
Lies my own world;
I am not that good
But I am best on net,
A failure in relationship
I am best to hangout with.

Never faced any book
I advise on Facebook,
Never read any phrase
I tweet on Twitter;
More likes on Instagram
Less praise in reality,
Googling on Google
Learned how to flirt.

This world is alluring
But it's dark inside,
I live with two face
Balancing real with virtual;
Liking, Commenting others
Expecting same from them,
It's like getting to stars
By seeing glow-worms in dark.


Hands were there to work
Make efforts to earn,
Pen helped to write
Hammer to labor hard.

Legs were there to walk
To achieve what we want,
Shoes provided safety
Socks kept it healthy.

Eyes were there to see
To watch what we like,
Glares protected from sun
Lens provided vision.

Heart was there to pump
To pump the blood,
You made it to beat
You inspire it to rebel.


Hey dad! Now stay at home
No need to go to work,
Feel free to do what you wish
Feel free to ask what you want;
Your questions won't annoy me
Your activities won't dismay me,
No need to toil hard
No need to labor hard.

I will love you the most
But will never show it,
My scolds, My criticism
Will make me your enemy;
I may be or may be not
A superhero you search for,
But I always will be Batman
Your carer, Your Dark Knight.


Hey mom! Come here
Come and sleep in lap,
Let me take care of you
Let me give you massage;
When I felt pain, I cried
But mom, you never said,
Tell me your all pains
Disclose your all gripes.
Your skin is so dry
Let me moist with tears,
Your vision is so dull
Let me be the brightness;
You took care of me
Now it's my chance,
You always will be best
Let me be atleast ok.


What to do with them?
I don't know them,
Why to trust them?
When you love me;
You proposed me
I quickly affirmed,
Now you're mine
And I'm all yours;
Love is all power
Instilling strength,
In the lovers
In its followers.
My love is true
Just be with me,
Love is my religion
You're my god;
World may oppose me
May even kill me,
Dying in your arms
Makes me immortal;
So just believe me
Believe my hug,
Hide me in your heart
Want to lost forever.

I am a writer

I am like a light in darkness
A hope for someone broken,
With pen filled with emotions
I give life to dead letters;
People applause my works
Praise them like nothing,
They propose, They wish
They respect, They lament;
One day someone asked
How am I able to create this?
Now what to tell them?
They will never believe;
I use ink of my heart
Heart broken long ago,
With pen of emotions
Emotions that dried long ago.

First Crush

You make me smile
You make me cry,
You're with me always
I never feel alone;
Just want to listen you
Just want to see you,
You're my first love
Can't live without you;
Never leave me dear
Just bought you recently,
You're with all updates
You're my cutie TV :).


With flow of happiness
With lots of emotions,
I'm eager to reach home
See my family smiling;
After many days
After many efforts,
Today I got more bread
Enough to fill our belly.

Then just in the midway
I see a long queue,
People passing by toll
Comprise of four guys;
Slowly at snail's pace
My number comes,
Four different people
Four different moods,
All asking for my bread
In return to luxuries.

One offers society
One offers peace,
One offers safety
One offers facilities;
Left with single bread
I walk towards my home,
Boosting myself up
At least I get some return;
I see my home burning
As I return to my home,
Shout and cry in vain
With none of four rescuing.

This is the plight of the common man. Government, Banks and Corporate officers lure us with their words but when you're in trouble no one turns up. People flee away and eat away your money with government doing nothing as it's busy making new laws to impose more tax.


काम तो आज बहुत किया
साथ ही मिला है सही दाम,
चलो यार आज जश्न है
रंगीन बना दो यह शाम।
यह रात्रि अपनी साथी है
यहाँ सब हैं एक सामान,
भिन्नता तो दिखती दिन में है
कई मुखोटे पहन घूमते हैं लोग।
शराब हमारी है ज़िन्दगी
और हम उसे जीनेवाले,
हर पल का मज़ा लेते हैं
जेसे शराब की हर बूँद।
हम तो कल न भी मिलें
पर उसका कोई गम नहीं,
शराबी मरते हैं, शराब नहीं
जिंदगी मरती है, उसे जीनेवाले नहीं।

Rejuvenated me!

It's a beautiful morning. The rays of sun spreads on fields as if flowing like water. Wherever it touches, it feels color to that as if it's a paint brush. But somewhere in fields lies barren house. The black and dirty wooden house where lies a woman reminiscing the last breaths of her husband. She lives in a house which according to her is a home as she used to live there with him. Nothing is good about the house nor about her health. Her negativeness has turned her into living dead with no feelings.
                                               One day from somewhere a ray of sun peeps in and touches her face. The mirror nearby gives the reflection of her beauty. She touches the spot and feels the gentle warmth of the rays. She feels good and approaches the source of the light. After some efforts she reaches the window and opens it. The sudden brightness makes her blind for sometime but slowly it again fills her with emotions. More the light touches her more she feels her husband. She now kicks open the door and starts running wildly in the field.
                             The cool breeze soothes her pain, makes her soul rejuvenated. The rain comes cleansing and purifying her body. Her heart beats again as the blood flows rapidly. She cries and cries hard and flows with it her all painful memory. She feels light at heart and wants to live again. Live again not with someone else but with his soul. She gains wings of freedom and want to fly away. Away from the bad memory not from the happiest times that she shared with him. She's not alone now, the god is with her. The sun, the air, the birds chirping and natures rhymes; she lives therein now, smiling forever :).