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Fail to sail

Two cutie little birdie
Two sweetie little birdie
Play with each other
Cuddle their mother
Life's all good
Till a boy appear
He takes one of them
When the mother's out
He puts it in cage
And force her to fly
Shows videos, images
To teach it to soar high
Birdie flaps hard and hard
But it goes all vain
She's all down and out
With every fail
From the very cage
She see her sibling fly
Lament on her life
And finally die.

Never force your kids to do what you want. Be their wings, not their heart.


Dull, boring and daze
Neglected by all,
The widow in black
Seems barren and out;
She has no hope,
She's out of vision,
She always mourn,
Wants to be alone.

The ray of light
Strikes her in eyes,
She wants to resist
But the sparkle wins;
Her image in mirror
Becomes reflective,
Her charmish grace
Is now visible.

She opens the door
And walk in fields,
The nature caress,
The air kisses her,
The earth supports,
The rain hugs her;
She lost mortality
But got divinity.


Mom is no more!

The earth trembled
And i ran outside,
Saw people running
Crying and yelling;
Tsunami of blood
Covered the land,
My mother nation
Seemed being raped.

Took my arms
As I'm ready for war,
To penalize heavily
And kick their arse;
Killed those bastards
And made them pay,
Rescued my mom
From their den.

That moment
That very day,
I realized something
Which l never didn't;
The myth was
That I loved her,
The reality was
I really loved her.

I gave her back
To my people,
But seeing her naked
They raped too;
I went for help
But it's all late,
My mother smiled
And breathe her last;
With her last air
Went all air,
The father up there
Punished us all.

Earth is our mother. Stop raping her to satisfy your needs. It's a sin and one day we all have to pay. On this WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY this poem comes as a lesson to be learnt.

Alien hug

Barren and deserted
Untouched and alien
My lips and heart
Craved for someone
The day passed along
Bored and lone
Waiting for someone
To hug me tight.
Sun has set now
And it's all dark
I saw an angel
Coming near me
It hugged and kissed
Satisfied my thirst
Took me in arms
And kept me warm.

Being social

Thanks for comments dear,
Same to you dear,
Happy Birthday dear,
Hi! How are you dear?
From my neighbor
To that foreigner
From one minute a way
To thousand miles away
I connect to all
I comment on all
Broken, bored really
I heal, enjoy virtually
Yesterday I knew few
Today a many
Yesterday my home was small
Today's world is not enough.

Shayari 11

सुन्दर तू आज भी है मेरी जान
बस इस पर समय की धूल चढ़ गयी है
वरना हर चीज़ में कंजूसी करने वाला मैं
अपना दिल कोड़ियो के भाव कैसे बेचता


Up there in god's den
We souls lived together
In utmost peace
We survived together
Then came our father
Yes your great almighty
Ordered us to take birth
And complete our tasks
Bidding goodbye to each
We left to take birth
Reaching there on earth
We dwell in a tummy
Come out from there
And find a new world
A world in which
Everything is bizarre
Discrimination occurs
In color, caste and creed
We who were together
Now hate each other
Whom we love dearly
Now pray in fear
Fighting with our own
We complete our tasks
We weren't evil
Evil was our mortal body
But humans thereon
Tagged us evil and good.


I kicked his, I kicked her
The every butt that i see
Coming between us
Coming against you
Just for your smile dear
Just for your smile
But then you kicked mine
And start laughing
Turn my back to know
And they kicked mine
Now they join you too
And you made me a joke
I too join all of you
In your stupid laugh
Leaving myself down and out
With my heart crying.

Shayari 10

न तेरा तन अमर है न तेरा धन
अमर है तो मेरे शब्द
जब लोग तुम्हे श्रद्धांजलि देकर भूल जाएंगे
तब मेरी शब्दांजलि ही तुम्हें अमर बनाएगी


Bad times were more
Good were too less
Rise, fight and sleep
The pattern I lived
Though hurt a lot
But still I survived
Living for others
What always i liked
But then came you
And I became selfish
Thirst for you
That got increased
Struggled for quite
But then got you
You hugged me
Seemed life hugged me
Listened to heartbeats
When heard yours
Rise, fight, love and sleep
The pattern has changed
Being selfish for you
Keeps me enlightened.

Innocent Sin

Lying in the arms of mom
I see her in faint light
Her eyes are closed
As she breathes lightly
I can sense her smell
And her beautiful face
She opens her eyes
And I close mine
She kisses me on cheeks
I behave as if unaware
She calls my name
But I don’t respond
I behaved like this
To avoid going school
After lot of efforts
She got me
She smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

She takes me to church
And I watch her praying
I mumble the words
And copy her
Light up the candle
I get up for prayer
I see one fly
Sitting on my finger
I shake my hand
But it didn’t fly
I whiffed at it
But candle goes off
My mom sees all this
She looks amazed
She smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

I walk on footpath
See one black guy
Looks like a cream biscuit
As he’s in white
Some steps forward
I see one white guy
Looks boring
As he’s also in white
I tell this to mom
She seems astonished
But she smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

Back at home
I take out my specs
I hold it tight
And place in light
After few attempts
I get a focus
I placed it
On my pet’s tail
The pet feels the heat
And runs away
My mom watch this
She looks shocked
Again she smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

Late at night
I ask her a question
Why did she smile?
When I erred frequently
She hugs me
And holds me tight
Place her lips
Near to me
“The world is mature
Not you are
Your deeds were bad
Not you are
World teaches conscience
You teach innocence
World searches for god
I see god in you”
She says this to me
As I sleep in her arms.

First Date

First date was the date
For which i waited eagerly,
It came across
Touched me solely
Provoked my emotions
And went away quickly,
The duration was short
But the effect is long,
After my first date
I forgot all dates.

Love letter

It's our first anniversary
And you just gave me a letter,
Expecting something big
But i got just a letter,
Opened the cover
Comes out a small letter,
Went through it
Through every letter,
Light was the ink
Light was the letter,
But emotions within
Touches me deeper,
I love you says my heart
As i feel greater,
In plethora of gifts
I loved your love letter,
Thank you my love
No gift can be much better.

Laws of love

If you trust your ears
I may be wrong,
If you trust your eyes
I may be right,
But if you trust your heart
I will be genuine,
I may say i don't love you
But if you hug me tight,
You'll come to know
That i really love you,
Love has its own rules
Worldly law differs here.

Shayari 9

एक नज़र से तय मत करना मेरी शक्सियत
वो कल बदल जायेगी
मेरे अरमान समय के अधीन नहीं
वो तो हालातों के पिंजरे में कैद हैं


Dog means critics
Lion means brave
Fox means clever
Donkey means idiot
Dove means peace
If this is not enough
Ass-pussy has synonyms
Too many names
Too many meanings
In process to distinguish
Ourselves from animals
We failed Darwin
His theory of evolution
We defeated God
In developing new species.

Lose for love

Ready to goal
Hit home-run
Score an Ace
Or earn a love,
Every game
Every moment
I want to live
I want to win,
Then it's you
And i prefer
To lose
To win you.

Seductive words

Beware of me, my sweetheart
I may not be flattering
But my words are
They will seduce you
Will entice you
To commit a sin.

The whispers of it
Will last for long in your ears
As your soul is not all yours
It's my word's slave
For eternity.

Immortal words

Closing my eyes dear,
It's time to sleep,
Will wake up
Tomorrow for sure,
To see you
To see this beautiful world,
To read your words
To acknowledge them
Like them.
If not found, don't worry
My body is mortal
My words are not
You will find me
Even if I'm not there.


Wait, please wait
Sorry, i am sorry,
Don't go, please don't go
I beg you, forgive me;
I will change myself
I will do what you say,
But for god sake,
Please don't leave me;
All these apologies
You made for them,
And what they did
Just sympathize us.

No more mournings
No more qualms,
Now say sorry
Forgive yourself;
Tell your heart
To keep calm,
It's weakness
Is their strength;
Smile, laugh and rejoice
Wake up and rejuvenate,
You just got new birth
From old experience;
The world is a brothel
All are prostitutes,
Everyone gets screwed
Only frequency varies.

My words have no price

My words and lines
Are similar to you,
With a touch of pain
And much of freedom;
It will keep flowing
Like air i breathe,
It will keep glowing
With examples i see;
You can laugh on jokes
Praise my works,
Admire my lines
Or may auction it;
But you'll always
Have less of it,
Like drops of water
From mass of sea;
You may walk away
With a pride,
You may move out
With a smile;
You will buy my works
But not my words,
You will buy my notions
But not my emotions.

Legs never lags

I walk and i fall
I run and i fall
Still i stand my ground
Still i am ready to run
On my sore feet
To achieve my goal.
Wherever i go
Whatever i want
My legs are there
To accomplish all
They run for me
They walk for me
They even bend for me
To ask for her hand.
We praise our hands
We praise our face
We admire our hair
We admire our abs
But never admire legs
Never give them credit
The credit for its pain
Which it never shows
The credit for its altruism
Which helps us to excel.

Let's be wild

Let the doors open
Let the fresh air in,
Let's runaway from here
Let's change from routine.

Leave the concrete jungle
Refuge in nature's arm,
Stop being knowledgeable
Live in bewilderment.

Live among the animals
Wake up with birds
Feel the natural chill
Drink the natural water.

The forest is for wild
But activities are innocent,
The city is for innocent
But activities are wild.

Go and explore the earth
Get subdued by her beauty,
The beauty you destroyed
Survives among the beast.

Living in dark

Black, dark and gruesome
But still it's awesome,
The most neglected place
Yes it's fiery darkness.
You write in light
But imagine in dark,
You meet in light
But sleep in dark;
Light seems attractive
But it's treacherous,
Dark seems horrible
But it's genuine.
Life is like light
Don't know about it,
Death is like darkness
You're certain about it;
Light will fade away
But darkness will stay,
In light you find others
In dark you find yourself.

United beat

The moment you hug me
The moment you kiss me,
Your right is my left
Your left is my right;
Two hearts that stay apart
Unite to become one,
Two heart that sounds differ
Unite to beat together;
I will be the same
You will be the same,
But after meeting you
It's I love You.


Yes sir, Right sir
Very good sir, Genius sir,
This company is best
All due to you sir,
It's your vision
That fuelled our mission.
We are lame with brain
Blind by heart,
No emotions in eyes
No logic in hands;
Oops! Oops! Oops!
It's a hotch potch
Sorry for this.

Actually, factually
And by heart really,
You're not great sir
I praised wrongly sir;
I am lame by hand
Blind by eyes,
No emotions in heart
No logic in brain;
All want bread-butter
But many like me,
For your incentive
For your accolade,
Are applying butter
For your extra bread.


Common Superman

A commonly common man
With a lean body structure
I am not a super man
A scientist or an armyman
Still my love, my family
Rely on my weak shoulders
During tense times find peace
In my lean thin arms
Work for hours and hours
Ignoring my fatigue
Just for their happiness
Just for her lovely smile
I may not have superpowers
I may not save the world
But to my family
And for my loved ones
I am their saviour
I am their superhero.

Manipulated law

Weird looks or low on talent
Compared to you he's dull in all,
Still he's the most sought after
Still he's the better than you;
You commit a single mistake
You pay heavily for that,
He has a criminal record
Still he's innocent every-time;
God made him, God made you
To him you both are same,
But here on earth my dear
Rules and regulations change,
Nature follows survival of fittest
Man follows survival of richest.

Innocent butcher

In the dark dense jungle
I walk through the bushes
Found one lion
With claws and sharp teeth
I shiver in fear
When the lion silences me
Reminds of my nature
Who's more fearsome than it
It'll kill if only it's hungry
It'll leave if it's not
But we human
Who live in city lights
Are prone to danger
Danger from social animals
We rape and torture
And beat the hell out 
So brutally
So mercilessly
That the wounds and havoc
paralyze the soul for years.

Born original

I never follow any preaching
Of any saint or any leader,
Although they may be famous
Although they have followers;
Why to follow them?
When i was born original
Why i make sequence?
When i can make original

Fountain of youth

Wrinkles of lost opportunities
Pimples of gained criticism
Grey hair of treachery 
Lost stamina of lies
We face them all
We live them all
Still we never say die
Still we want to work
Why? How? What?
Do anyone knows?
It's nothing but your will
Your courage to survive
Survive every punch
That life hits you
Survive every wound
That people give you
Never search for
Any motivation
You yourself
Are your strength
Someday Someway
Salute yourself
That you stayed young
Without fountain of youth.

Live to love

Either a friend or your love
Professional or the personal
Meaning of love will
Always differ than what's written
Emotion of love will
Always differ than what's felt.

It's never a easy going
It's a roller coaster ride
A ride in which
You drive harshly
Still you drop your mate
All safely and happily.

It's easy to die
In the name of love
It's tough to live
For the name of love.


A new year
A new beginning
With new resolution
To counter all obstacles.
From today
A day will change
A calender will change
But the thing, the attribute
Which will not change
Is my love
My affection for you.
Thank you for being there
In happiness, in miseries
Me, my words and deeds
Are nill without you
Will be nothing
Without your support.
Thanks to all and best wishes for new year.