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Melted emotions

Cool was my mind
Cool was myself,
You hugged me
Give me warmth;
Emotions rose
Coolness melted,
Eyes and lips
drown in water.

Then you went
Went your warmth,
Solitude erupted
Now it's all dry;
It's hotter now
Burning inside,
Nothing lives now
It's deserted.

Knot of Love!

Meet her in my way
As she flies opposite,
After many such meets
I dare to propose her;
She affirms positive
It's my new beginning,
We tie knot of love
Fly and live together.
One day as I reach
I find her tensed,
I hug her tight
And asks the reason;
She wants to fly
Reach her daily goal,
It will be one by one
She asks me to do so;
Next day I go first
And come too early,
Now the chance is hers
As she flies too far;
Below on earth
I hold the knot tight,
My pain elevates
And I give up;
She returns too late
She finds me dead,
She reached her goal
But missed me forever.


I am a mere puppet
Born as a cute kid,
God did the makeup
Wrote my script;
The World manipulated
Changed my role,
Made me follower
Who must obey rules;
Taught me wrong
Asked me to do sin,
I tried to retaliate
But was thrashed hard;
My life was not mine
It's all theirs,
God made me human
World made me man.



Whether bad or good
Whether dull or cool,
All has limited life
With limited fame;
Only thing that lives
Is the reminiscence,
Of your character
Of your work.

Gandhi and Hitler
Laden and Teresa,
Some you hate
Some you love;
All were different
Damn opposite,
Still are famous
And immortal.

Obituary dies
Memory lives,
Love and hate
Both survives;
I may not be god
I cannot bless,
But long as I live
You remain immortal.

Don't stop me!

Don't try to stop me
I will not stop at all,
My goal is still far
Want to reach quickly.
I hate your attitude
Aware of your plan,
You flatter by incentive
But I am too costly.
My sore out feet
My sweaty head,
Are priceless
Deserves more.
You don't have guts
Nor the capacity,
You are limited
My thoughts infinite.


नहीं नहीं दुनियावालों
यह मेरी मंज़िल नहीं,
अभी और दूर जाना है
अपने लक्ष्य को पाना है।
मेरे कदमों का दर्द
मेरे माथे का पसीना,
ना तू खरीद सकेगा
न तेरी औकाद है।

I am with you

Many miles away
I was living with you,
Playing in your arms
Resting with you;
Then one day
You asked me to go,
Down on earth
In mortal world;
I was so tensed
So home-sick,
That everytime
I went to sleep,
I came back
To just see you;
But slowly slowly
You left me alone,
In this cunning world
To do my duty.
In the process
I made my world,
Where I live
Where I'm happy;
And then the time came
You gave me a call,
I didn't want to live
Then you took my soul.
I came back in anger
Saw tears in your eyes,
Then slowly realize
Your presence there;
You never left alone
You were always there,
God! World is mortal
You and me immortal.


I grew up
Grew with it my body
But heart out there
Is still innocent
Still acts childish
Get upset easily.
World forced to change me
Criticized my immaturity
I got hurt
Felt pain
Thrashed hard
Left moaning
But never refrain
As this is what I'm
Next morning
I rise again
To do the noble deed
To give the smile the world need.

Founded God

Mom teaches to spread love
Dad teaches to struggle hard,
Teacher shows the path
Friend shows how to live;
God's present everywhere
He's with you everywhere,
Still if you don't trust
Just see the new born kid.
I am not an atheist
I believe what I feel,
Why to visit temple
When he's around you.

Untold Truth

You wake up early
Prepare my tiffin,
Come to wake up
In full anger;
You try to awake
But in vain,
I lie down lazily
But not asleep;
Then you hug me
And cuddle me,
Just for this mom
I don't wake up.
You cry aloud
Moan anxiously,
Absorb every pain
But don't give up;
Just for my kid
Just for my love,
Behind the doors
I cry hard;
But don't express
My pain dear,
I love you my wife
I may not say.
I come home early
Knock the doors,
You open it
And give a smile;
I take you in arms
And play with you,
It sheds all pain
Soothe all stress;
You get married
Time to leave now,
I hug you tight
As you cry aloud;
You sit in car
I weep a lot daughter,
From that day
I come home late.

Being simple

We all fear darkness,
But find black charming;
We all love lightness,
But find white boring;
Our world is colorful,
But heart's colorless;
Our advises are broad,
But thinking is narrow.
Rich work hard,
To shed off their fat;
Poor work hard,
To earn some fat;
The simple things,
Are simplest to achieve;
The rich want to gain them,
The poor want to loose them.

Quote 28

If you want to look handsome
Look into your wife's eyes
If you want to stay handsome
Look into your mom's eyes.

Love you mom dad

One eyes full of tears
Other with no emotions,
Both kept sparkling
As I opened my eyes.
One hardly slept
And one never slept,
As I was caught ill
And kept sleeping.
One worked outside
Other strived inside,
Just for my smile
Just for my wants.
One remained simple
Other killed his wishes,
Just for my future
For my development.
Slowly time passed
Passed with it they
My eyes were opened
But they closed theirs.
Today I groom well
Happily married
But somewhere deep,
I feel all alone.
Love you my mother
Love you my father,
I never saw god
And never want too;
I just want that mirror
Mirror of your eyes,
Which dreamt for me
Which lived for me.

Fail to win

Too much conscious
Too much risk-free
Afraid to take chance
Afraid to loose
Wants to be safe
Avoiding the pitfalls
Wants to excel
Without a downfall.
These safe tactics
Hinder your progress
Limits your talent
Seize your boundaries
Go and do mistakes
Commit some errors
Welcome failures
Success will come
If you strive hard.


खानाबदोश सी थी ये ज़िन्दगी
कोई लक्ष्य न कोई आरज़ू,
पर एक दिन देखा तुझे मेने
और तू मेरा मुकाम बन गया।
कभी यहाँ तो कभी वहाँ
मैं दर दर ढूंढता रहा तुझे,
हारकर जब तुझे याद किया
दिल ने जाकर तेरा पता दिया।

Be my valentine

Bought a lovely rose
For a pretty girl,
Bent on my knees
Asked for her hand;
She's astonished
So i was at myself,
That how did I did?
How did I proposed?
She didn't say yes
But also not denied,
I carried on my efforts
Gifted her a chocolate;
But again the confusion
And she didn't speak,
It kept me in dilemma
She loves me or not;
Borrowed some money
Now bought a teddy,
She took it too
Still didn't reply;
Next day with no gift
I went close to her,
Promised to keep her happy
Till my beats betray me;
She immediately hugged
And took out my chocolate,
Place it in between lips
As i went further close;
I hold her tight
And kiss her light,
From that onwards
She's my valentine.

Passionate Kiss

As I come close to you
Touch you, Feel you,
The caterpillars get wings
Transforms to butterflies;
They roam everywhere
Igniting goosebumps,
Releasing hormones
And I feel uneasy;
Everything goes fast
Even my heartbeats,
As i move forward
To take you in arms.

It feels out of world
Something out of blue,
The time don't matter
Nor matters the world;
Worldly noise is no more
Only internal disturbance,
Oxygen is no more
As I breathe your air;
I feel warmer inside
With flurry of emotions,
As my lips hugs yours
The silence spreads all.

Hug me tight

Hug me tightly
As tight as you can
Let our hearts meet
As close as they can
Break all aches
All pains in my heart
Break me in pieces
As I'm all yours
Allow me to get lost
In your cosy arms
Allow me to get win
In your heart's bid.


Always will be with you
I promise you
You always will be mine
I promise you
You will be my everything
I promise you
My everything will be yours
I promise you.
Sometime will spend with me
You promise me
Sometime try to remember me
You promise me
Acknowledge my I love you
You promise me
Say I love you before I die
You promise me.

Broken attitude

On tall building near to sea,
I stand on rooftop proudly;
See the sea and laugh on it,
Mock on its dwarfism;
Scream aloud in attitude,
Boast of human dominance;
That how we took it in control,
How we made use of it.
Go to sleep after I mocked,
Satisfying my egoistic thirst;
All happy and in all smiles,
I close my eyes in pride;
The building starts to shake,
And falls after a while;
The height on which i laugh,
Is no more after a while.
I run here and there,
Afraid and petrified;
Search my loved ones,
Calling them in vain;
Scream aloud in grief,
Cursing the sea for it;
The waves stands tall,
Now i seem dwarf.

Innocent murdered

Small, little, tender feet
The cutie pie runs on it
Afraid and petrified
He runs hard unaware
His mom is running
So is his father
He wants to catch up
So tries even harder.

Tried, tried and tried
Till he get tired
Ran, ran and ran
Till he's out of air
His feet gives up
And he fell down
Sea rose up
And took him in arms.

He didn't die
He's murdered
He didn't fail
He's failed
Murderer are we
Who's wants are more
Innocent was he
Who's wants were less.

Prying Vultures

Me and you were fine
Everything's going fine
Than who's that he?
Or who's that she?
Why we ruin ourselves
Thinking of them
Why you question me
Listening to them.

They are nothing
But our own creation
Prying into others
To make some fun
They get stronger
When you untrust me
They get bolder
When you weaken me.

I'm a normal guy
With limited wants
Normal lover
With unlimited love
I don't force you
And never will
Don't listen to me
Nor to them
Come and hug me
Let our hearts meet
Let them decide
For whom they beat.

Hit me with CAUTION!

Only this much strength?
Only this much power?
Come on life! Hit me
Don't get tired soon
I'm not like others
I won't complain to god
Your punches and knocks
Make me more resilient
Your scars and wounds
Give me more experience.
But be little cautious
Don't make me bleed
It may hit you back
For every single drop
I may not retaliate
But my husband will
I may not oppose
But my father will
I may not kick back
But my brother will
I may not remember
But my mother will
My family is normal
Yeah the social one
But their single punch
Will knock you boy :).

Red, Rose, Romance

Young and tender
Juvenile and soft
Unaware of world
Stranger to all
I'm afraid to peep
Outside my boundary
It's safe and quite
Here at inside
Then he comes near
Caresses with hand
The feeling evokes
New energy runs
I unfold my arms
Too give you a hug
My cheeks blush
As it turns red
Love is so beautiful
I get it now
My fragrance and smell
Lure him further
His touch and whisper
Make me sinner
He lose his patience
He lose his divinity
I lose my life
I lose my virginity.


Teeth are falling
Vision is dimming
Energy is fainting
Skin is wearing
But heart is still young
Still runs fast
Every time i hug you
Every time you close in

I wake up early
To see you sleeping
You still look gorgeous
Still look beautiful
Much time has passed
But whenever i kiss you
It still tastes delicious
I still feel awesome.

Peaceful as nothing
It feels with you
Naughty as ever
I am when with you
Valentine day!
I never celebrate
For me loving you
Is my habit.


Shayari 12

मुझे कोई फरिश्ता नहीं बनना है
न बनना है कोई भगवान
मैँ इंसान बनकर ही ठीक हूँ
कमसे कम तुजे चाह तो सकता हूँ

I create a song

Breathed in and out
Like common man,
Smelled good and bad
Like common man,
No disturbance in air
All quite and dim,
Then you closed in
Your breathe mixed in,
Turbulence grows
Creates a music,
Nothing is normal now
I'm not common now,
Heartbeats add bass
Words give meaning,
I give it voice
With that create a song,
You left me then
There's something choking,
More disturbing it gets
More beautiful my song gets.

From A-Z to 0-9

Some copy pasted
Some cut pasted
Some edited me
Even deleted me
From A to Z
From 0 to 9
Is my limit
Is my life
Sometimes praised
Sometimes criticized
Sometimes ranked
Sometimes failed
From A to Z
From 0 to 9
Is my limit
Is my life
I got name
I got nickname
I got blessing
I got cursing
From A to Z
From 0 to 9
Is my limit
Is my life
I born on a date
I died on a date
I celebrated a date
I mourned a date
From A to Z
From 0 to 9
Is my limit
Is my life.


You give me your thought
I give you a word
You give me your word
I give you a meaning
You give me your meaning
I give you yourself
You give me your yourself
I give you salvation.


Stay Tuned

Carry on with your bark
Go on with your advice,
I don't care about it
I don't give it damn;
Circumstances are bad
My time is not bad,
I've will to fight out
With nerves of steel;
Every movie has story
May be good or bad,
But it's up to the actor
To earn the fame;
Listen my dear critics
You're mere audience,
It's just the interval
Stay tune for the end.