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Hurt me buddy!

Life is now too boring
Colorless and too long,
Come and break me
Hurt me and bully me;
Experiences teach me
But consumes my time,
Will gift me for sure
But the pace will be senile.
My thoughts are hasty
Weak is my patience,
Love to play gamble
Gambling with life;
I may go out of air
May fall hard on ground,
But if I rise, I'll fly
Thanking you for hurting me.

We are on a picnic!

Our hearts are same
Beats are different,
Body structure is same
The color is different;
Brain working is similar
Functioning is different,
Blood color is same
Its thirst is different.

Everything, Every part
Created are same,
Differs are our motives
Our wants, Our attitude;
We are nothing but kids
Having picnic on earth,
Once the vacation is over
We'll be back to home.


A race of 100 meters
A race of my life,
1st time, 2nd time
I win every time;
More the criticism
More I run fast,
I am hungry for more
I want just more.

Next day again
I am ready to run,
Critics are now fan
Abusers are admirers;
Their praise and laud
Fill in me more air,
I bloat, bloat and bloat
Start flying now.

Few moments later
I burst into half,
Fall on the ground
End up where I start;
Critics again turn up
Feels good to see them,
Again I take part
Again I win my race.

Life of kite!

Beautifully carved
Awesomely designed,
God completes me
And I'm ready to fly;
He fasten with thread
Thread is my mom,
She holds me tight
As I try to fly high.

Then comes my dad
As he lifts me further,
More strong he blows
More I go further;
Comes another kite
Fall in love with her,
Tries hard to reach her
As thread stretch hard.

After few resistance
My mom gives in,
She breaks therein
Breaks with her my Dad;
I travel far and far
With her hand in hand,
One day she wear off
And next day so do I.

Color the differences

No more boredom
No more dullness,
Color me with emotions
Fill me with smiles;
Nothing is visible
No one is identifiable,
Nothing is fiery
No one is enemy.

Color me with one
I color you with other,
Together we unite
Discover new color;
Let's spread color
Erase black and white,
Save our earth
From all Intolerance.

Eternal Me

You grow with me
You learn from me,
You smile with me
You cry with me;
I am a thread
Binding your beats,
I am a song
Arising from emotions.

I am a poet
Poetry is my love,
I flirt with her
I romance with her;
I will come and go
But she stays forever,
Spreading my words
Keeping me eternal.

You Complete Me

You and I when meet
We create heaven,
When we separate
We knock hell's gate;
You are my Sky
I am your Earth,
You are my love
I am your lover;
Every Morning,
I blush as bride
As you touch me;
Every Night,
I mourn as widow
As you leave me.

Life goes on!

On the no man's island
Reside few small beings,
Jumping and leaping
ONE goes for jogging;
On the beach nearby
TWO is sun bathing,
After much planning
ONE plans a meeting;
Liking leads to loving
Stimulates ONE to proposing,
ONE and TWO combines
THREE takes a birth.

Family completes now
All are happy now,
Few years later
THREE is grownup now;
Fells in love with FOUR
SEVEN kids takes birth,
Like this it goes on
Single digit moves to double.

The islanders grows up
The island shrinks now,
Friend is foe now
Family is crowd now;
God sees all this
It's out of control now,
Inserts formatting CD now
Island is all barren now;
Light falls on island
Earth again rejuvenates,
Again ONE meets TWO
And story goes on.

You are beautiful

You are far there
I can see you
You seem beautiful.

You come closer
I can see you
You look beautiful.

You are in my arms
I can see you
You feel beautiful.

You hug me tight
I close my eyes
You are beautiful.

Save your Goal!

Ninety minutes of play
Plus some extra time,
Opposition attacking
Our team retreating;
With 11 players in front
I am calm and relaxed,
Soon a ball cuts off all
And hit my head hard;
Ball bounced and it's goal
My head starts paining,
The ball wakes up me
Stirs me up vigorously;
I get up on my feet
Ready again to retaliate,
Again the ball curls in
Succeed in stopping it.
People will attack you
Never stay relaxed,
You are all alone
Never trust anyone;
Your post is your family
You only have to save it,
90 minutes is your life
Make most of the time.

Crush Cycle

Saw you for a second
Thought for a minute,
Contacted you in a hour
Dated you in a week,
Proposed after a month
You denied in a year.

I glum for a year
Felt OK after a month,
Learned in a week
Resolute in next hour,
Forgot in next minute
Saw other in next second.

Try till you dry!

Keep the same pace
Keep the same style,
The pages will change
Never will be smooth.

You keep writing
You keep drawing,
Never stop at all
Never fade at all.

Your life is limited
Why to waste it?
Go on and on
Achieve your goal.

Stopping at this point
Dries out your ink,
Stopping at the finish
Earns you prestige.

Priceless love

She's so gracious
She's so gorgeous,
Many are her followers
Many are her lovers;
In midst of all this
She still feels alone,
In sea of many men
She searches human
She auctions herself
A long queue lines up,
Far at the end of line
I wait for chance to come;
Some offer money
Some gifts flowers,
Some asks for date
Some for a night stand
Like this it goes on
And I come with check,
A check donating heart
A heart for a lifetime;
She throws all options
And hugs me all tight,
She's all in tears
Whispering three words.

He and Me

He relax in nice AC room
I roam under blazing sun,
He eats vitamin-D
I get it all free;
He party's hard at night
I sleep calm at night,
Servants take care of him
For me my wife's enough.
In every aspect, In every way
I may seem better than him,
But in one he masters all
Noone can defeat him;
Where few drops of water
Refresh me thoroughly,
Many drops of our blood
Never satisfies him.

Smile again, Live again

Me, A barren deserted land
You, A lone tired traveller,
I saw you and flourished
And it's all greenish here,
You saw me and smiled
Now you rest and reside here.
I want you to be happy
I want you to live forever,
I worked harder now
As my beats kept increasing,
I made a beautiful place
Created heaven herein.
Then one day in morning
You want to leave now,
I urged a lot on kneel
But it goes all vain,
You don't give a damn
Left me all in pain.
Again its barren now
Again its all deserted,
Then one more traveller
And it flourished again.
You have an unpredictable life. It's all you have. Why to waste it for other life?

Disabled dreams

I have legs to run
I have hands to work,
Heart that beats fast
Mind that makes plan;
But few bad bodies
Create hurdles for me,
Bind my boundaries
With self-made rules.

Deep there in dark
I write what i feel,
It has wings of poetry
Floating on air of words;
It makes them angry
But they seem helpless,
They try to kill me
And succeed in that;
As my words survives
Just like my soul,
And the hatred dies
Just like my body. 


Life was like a vagrant
Roaming everywhere,
Searching my objective
Striving to achieve that.

Then i met you in process
My goals change then,
Got my focus right
You are my everything.

Searching every option
I got nothing enough,
Then I contacted myself
You were residing therein.


She has pimples
Show early wrinkles,
Grows old early
By loving us dearly;
Lovable and sweet
Juvenile and dedicated,
She's multi-talented
The best actor in universe;
May be she's god-gifted
Or may be a god itself,
She woo every man
She's a WOMAN.


Letting your tears flow
Will make you relieve,
Wiping your tears off
Will make you believe;
Nothing can haunt you
Nothing can hurt you,
Never search anyone
You're your everything.
You are born alone
Alone you will die,
You don't need motivator
You kick your own ass;
Hug yourself tightly
Go for your every wish,
Your life is short as fair
Go and complete your part.

आगे बढ़!

आंसुओं को बहानें से
तुझे अंदर राहत मिलेगी,
आंसुओं को पोछने से
तुझे तेरी चाहत मिलेगी;
अकेलेपन से डर कैसा
तू हुआ तो अकेला है,
तू कर ले ख्वाहिश पूरी
यह दुनिया तो मेला है।

Eaten away!

Too much respect for you
Your expectations ate me,
Too much money from you
Your interest rate ate me;
Too much love from you
Your separation ate me,
Too much assurance from you
Your justifications ate me.

In completion of all this
I'm left alone with body,
The body which is mortal
Will be eaten away one day.

Mumma's baby

Mother is omnipresent
Survives in dual form,
Either your mother earth
Or your genetic mother;
One stays for a duration
Other stays immortal,
One loves you the most
Other you love the most.

Both are damn sensitive
But both adore you,
You cause them harm
They react with love;
One takes you in lap
When you born,
Other takes you in lap
When you die.

Awful Meeting

Tensed looking faces
Damn serious aura,
AC running at max
Still it's hot out there;
Presenter is presenting
Boss is observing,
One to one analysis
Keeps all engaged.

Too much humiliation
Very little appreciation,
Not a single fault
Still boss is always right;
It's not a meeting hall
It's a zoo we live,
Our boss is our keeper
We eat what he throws.

After detailed analysis
New targets set,
The work you done
Is now just a waste;
The ass-kissers win
Hard-workers loose,
In this meeting
Everything is awful.

Forgot my spectacles

Left my home behind
Leave for my office,
It's quite out there
Much calmed out there;
After few miles passed
I realized my mistake,
In the process of all this
I forgot my spectacles.

Air started differing
Aura changed drastically,
Many people passed by
Creating doubts and fear;
Spectacles of fomality
Which kept me secured,
I forgot them at home
And forgot my safety.

I started trusting fake eyes
Getting hammered hard,
I ignored real hearts
Leaving me all alone;
Returned home all dried
I saw my loved ones,
Everything's normal now
Everything's cool.

Dangerous updates

Either created by Almighty
Or created by Human,
Everything, Every being
Has to grow old;
Less the life possess
More the work it does,
More the life it possess
More the crime it does.

Man or man-made things
Change with the time,
Man strives for wishes
Develop new devices;
More the smarter he gets
More the slayer it gets;
More the ambitious he is
More the greedy he is.