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Fear of being criticized
Fear of being laughed at,
Pulls me back
Pressurize me to retreat;
Want to climb up
Up from the darkness,
The bog of fear
Pulls me further.

After much retaliation
I loose my hold,
Fall in deep there
And eye meets eye;
Surprise as they are
Looking at me,
Predators are my prey
As they retreat from me.


धक धक धक धक 
धड़कता है यह दिल,
मच मच मच मच 
मचलता है यह मन;
जब जब जब जब
देखता हूँ उन्हें,
तब तब तब तब
डरता हूँ मैं।

क्या क्या क्या क्या
सोचेंगे वो क्या?
हस हस हस हस
हसेंगे वो क्या?
घूर घूर घूर घूर
उनकी घूरियत,
डर डर डर डर
डराती है मुझे।

पर पर पर पर
कभी न कभी,
कह कह कह कह
कहीं न कहीं;
लड़ लड़ लड़ लड़
लड़ना है मुझे,
जीत जीत जीत जीत
जीतना है मुझे।

तो तो तो तो 
आज क्यों नहीं,
अब अब अब अब
अभी क्यों नहीं;
चल चल चल चल
दो हाथ हो जाए,
फस फस फस फस
फैसला हो जाए।

RHINOMAN: A Dream Hero

Done with hectic job
Tired and all drained,
Close my eyes now
I start on dreaming.

A bright colorful day
Monsters terrorizing,
People running all over
Screaming and crying;
Then enters a hero
Ya! It's me, Rhinoman,
Run hard and harder
Ready to punch them;
Then a tearing sound
Oops! Stitches tear apart,
I am now all nude
Monsters are laughing;
Laughing with them a baby
He too joining the party.

I smile at the kid
And take off his nappy,
Laughing turns to crying
Joker turns to hero;
As I punch them down
And save all lives,
It's time for recognition
I'm ready for a honor;
This time I'm all dressed
With no margin of error,
Just then a dream breaks
And again it's time for job.


Sitting in AC room
I observe man working there,
Toiling hard and hard
Just to earn some food,
Feeling pity and sympathizing
I did my work as human.

Watching TV at home
A girl raped by many,
Listening her story
Just like watching movie,
Blaming the government for it
I did my work as human.

Passing by accident spot
I see a gathering standing by,
Pierce to find my way
See a man half dead,
Cursing the driver for that
I did my work as human.

Ignore many beggars
Their sufferings, their pains,
Why I should help them?
Their karma was such,
Begging God for mercy
I did my work as human.


Memorize the tables
Memorize the alphabets,
Memorize every name
Memorize every relation;
More the memorization
More my memory built,
I feel awesome
I feel invincible.

Heart broken by one
Betrayed by some,
Want to forget her
Want to forgive them;
But my strong memory
Yes my strong memory,
Makes me dull
Makes me vincible. 


The light of hope survives
With every knock at your door,
Wind of criticism blows hard
With my hope struggling hard;
Then the door opens
With you standing in front,
Your small puff of ignorance
And the hope extinguish.

Quote 29

The page is light,
The ink on it is light too;
Heavy are the words,
That accompany my emotions.


He always come early
Always before time,
Today I should be
Be first on date;
Oh yes! I am well before
Let me hide myself,
Take some corner seat
And surprise him.

Ten minutes gone
Still he's not here,
Let me order coffee
His best time pass;
Hot and sweet it is
Its aroma lure me in,
Feels like he's kissing me
Making me go crazy.

Thirty minutes passes
Passes with that my patience,
Just then he appears
As he apologizes to me;
I don't say a word
And hug him tight,
Today I come to know
How he feel;
When everyday I'm late
And he's waiting for me,
Never complain, Never whine
Welcoming me with all smile.


From A for Apple
To Z for Zebra,
From Humpty Dumpty
To Baa Baa Black sheep;
I added every lesson
Subtracted every error,
Multiply my marks
Divided myself from others;
Studied and studied hard
Got every degree,
Excelled in everything
Everything I got into.

Tagging with a price tag
I am off to sell myself,
Shock and surprise I am
As long queue awaits for me;
Some rejects for my price
Some for my knowledge,
20 years of education
Evaluated in 20 minutes.

Toiling hard for months
Discounting on my price tag,
I am entitled to work now
Do 8 hours job now;
Sir Newton, Sir Einstein
None of them exist now,
Forgot every scientist
Only their finds I know;
Half the life passed
Half the life will pass,
I am not the only one
This story is of everyone.


Inside your tummy
Oh my dear mummy,
I roll and roll hard
Jump low and high;
Few punches there
Few kicks here,
Want to get out
See the outer world.

Out here now I am
All amazed, All surprised,
I get to see this
From your lap;
Slipped a little
Then toddler's way,
I put my first step
From your lap.

The world lures me
As I go further away,
Built my own world
Own my own home;
From morning to night
I toil hard,
Just to get that peace
Peace of your lap.

Tired and all out
Now I am back to you,
Come mom, make me sleep
Make me sleep deep;
My house is nothing
Nothing compared to lap,
Ya the lap, my home
Home of my Mom.

Happy Mothers Day

Dedicated to my, yours and to every mother. Your first and true love, Your Mom.


Hey you! Yes you dear
Come behind me,
Slowly and silently
Move behind me;
Oh! It’s very dark
Are you alright?
Don’t be afraid
Just hold my hand;
Ah! What’s that!
Did you hear that?
Don’t be afraid
Just think of me;
I think we reach
Now let me go,
Have patience
And believe me.

Lights and camera
Be ready with selfie,
Ladies and gentleman
Be ready to bash;
Sing the song
Beat the bang,
Let the lady dance
And make her day;
Come and join me
It’s all for you,
Let me celebrate
Celebrate your day;
Please don’t cry
This is the beginning,
It won’t go away
Will stay till last;
No gifts, only hugs
No wish, only pray,
Only thing to say
“A very Happy Birthday”.

Go and Explore

Let the needle of abuse prickle you
Let the smell of love enchant you,
You laugh, You cry
Let your emotions break;
This world is your cheat
Copy everything you want,
Why to work in room's silence
Write your voice with outside noise.