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Armyman- A real superhero

I wanted to be a hero
Want to be renowned,
Fight villains
And dance like them;
Fly like Super-man
Fight like Iron-man,
Hide like Bat-man
Jump like Spider-man.

Then one day I met him
Well uniformed and armed,
A mere human he was
With smile on face;
After few days he left
Left to fight somewhere,
Didn't know where
Didn't know when.

Later I heard of arrival
Arrival of him at home,
I saw him and shocked
As his body still bleeds red;
Went close to him
Asked what happened?
Always keep smiling
As he dies saying this.

Tribute to our real hero, their bravery and their sacrifice. No one can and no one will take their place in our heart.



He never protects but teaches you to fight,
He expresses less but loves you the most;
He's the unsung hero, a dark Knight,
Your true guide in every plight;
Writer's write less on him,
Exposing what he looks outside;
Terming him as buildings beam,
Neglect his soft corner inside.

As it's my first father's day, I remember what it's being a father.

Happy Father's Day to Me, My father and Every father.


Elected them
Followed them,
Paid taxes of state
Worked for its progress.

Then one bullet
And all over,
Few candle march
Few seconds silence.

Born priceless
World added price tag,
Then when dead
World added obituary.

Life is cheapest thing
Cheaper then any product,
Anyone can auction it
With lowest bid.


Time changes 
Thinking never does,
But fire of love
Always survives;
Sometimes killed
Sometimes betrayed,
In war of this love
Everyday someone martyrs. 

वक्त बदल जाता है
सोच नहीं बदलती,
प्यार की लौ लेकीन
सदा रहती है जलती;
कभी जमाने ने मारा
कभी अपने प्यार से हारा,
इस इश्क़ की जंग में
रोज़ सहादत होती है। 


Don't give me more money
It will make me greedy God,
Don't give me more life
It will make me burden;
Give me more pain
More deceit, More hatred,
Make me suffer hard
Take me to breakdown.

Don't worry I won't die
I am a writer,
I'll add words to sufferings
And make them immortal;
Immortality of which will last long
Long with my readers,
Good or Bad, Criticize or Praise
In them I'll live forever.



Everyday I went out Out of my home, Saw pain in everything Spreading everywhere; Injustice, Betrayal, Merciless Words played around me, Trying to sort out those Found myself paralyze. Blood, Skin, Hair, Nails Everything were same, Differed were the emotions With many evergreen, few barren; Why I felt their pain? Why the conscience arised? Why could I only saw the grief When others too had eyes? Then the time passed As I saw ups and downs, Few came in life Few went away; One after the other New relations added, Personally and professionally The duties grown up. Emotions dries up Under the sun of life, Conscience gets murdered By my own humans; Next life god don't give me birth If given don't give heart, Nothing is in living like zombies Feeding on our own people.


Filled up with emotions
Or red hot with anger
Want someone to listen
Want someone to hit some
First one shows you weak
Later terms you as hard-nut
What to do then?
How to manage then?

Get ready with pen
With ink of your feelings
Pen down them
Make them real
Result will be epic
With words getting lives
Nothing worth more than writing
Writing with feelings.


You on that side
I stand on this side,
In between flows the river
River of man-made rules;
I can see you blushing
Seeing me occasionally,
Want to come to me
But afraid of the laws.

I am too afraid
Too petrified by results,
But love for you in heart
Strengthens my will;
Made a boat of compromise
The river breaks it,
Made a bridge of plead
The river rejects it.

Down and out I am
As I decide to swim across,
Breaking all the rules
Countering all of them;
Reached your bank
Hoping for your hand,
But you again refrain
As I drown smiling at you.


My life is like an email account
It's all mine and only mine,
Get a unique username
Protected myself with password;
Compose, Type and Send
My thoughts to her,
Inbox, Receive and See
Her thoughts for me.

Many times it's good
Some times it's not,
God is the service provider
Charging my every chat;
One after the another
Hinders my way,
But effort after effort
I toil hard to pay.

I am patient
But she is not,
She lost the taste
As she blocks me off;
I feel alone
Waiting for her in inbox,
Then one day find God
Waiting for me in spam.