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Two sides of tennis court
Describing my two roles,
One when I'm out to earn
One when I'm back in den;
Two rackets of home and job
Hit as hard as they can,
One rejuvenating me
Other leaving me exhausted.

Both wants me to ace
Wants me to pick pace,
One does that by love
Other by winning deuce;
From here to there
From there to here,
Break after break
My life goes on.

Then comes the set-point
As everyone gets tensed,
Everyone sees my fall
No one sees my moves;
Match point it is
As the game gets over,
Over with that my life
And my life's purpose.


I saw you
You saw me
I sketched you
You painted me
I added one emotion
You filled me with many
Then an exchange
You got mine
I got yours
Very happy we were
A lovely couple we were
Then some rain of criticism
As you lose faith in me
Your painting washed away
But my sketch stood firm
We both loved each other
Both tried our best
But you searched everything in me
And I found everything in you.


Holding momma's hand
Accompanying my dad,
I walk little and slowly
Move happily and coyly;
Big, Big and Big
The world is so big,
Small, Small and Small
I look so small.

Large are the buildings
Tall and frightening,
Countless are the kids
Of different creed;
Love the atmosphere
Everyone out there,
Everything is awesome
With all smiles, no glum.

Suddenly a bursting noise
Laugh changes to dead voice,
Uncle and Aunties running hard
Crying and shouting loud;
Some of them fall
Some of them crawl,
But one by one
Harmed by someone.

Then I see a man
Firing bullets like insane,
Plan to give chocolates
Yummy it tastes;
He takes and throws them
With me too he does the same,
The bullet hits somewhere deep
As I go to an early sleep.

Dedicated to every single innocent person who are getting killed by their own species. May their soul RIP.


Mom, Dad and relatives
My world consists of this,
Then I entered new place
Saw and met new people;
Many became good friends
But you got the best tag,
May be I seem too rude
Friend I never forgot you.

You made me smile
You made me look silly,
But I was in all trouble
You were always by my side,
Many laughed at our bond
Some even tried to break,
May be I wasn't that good
Friend I never forgot you.

Then the time came
You went too far,
Seemed as something was lost
Something much precious;
I never understood it
Till the gap started haunting,
May be my act wasn't cool
Friend I never forgot you.

I got married now
Entered a new life,
Job to home, home to job
Became my routine;
My priorities changed
But I am still the same,
May be I forgot myself too
Friend I never forgot you.

Dedicated to my best friend.


Right here in my body
My heart beats hard for you,
It's just like traffic signal
Waiting for your signal;
My mind shows red signal
Stopping it to go further,
People give yellow signal
To approach with caution.

Confusion and tension grows
As more people lines with me,
All are occupying zebra line
With me standing behind;
Looking for your signal
Everyone seems confident,
With time passing by
My hope takes a churn.

Here comes a signal
As everyone's out to run,
No one moves even an inch
As they seem stuck on line;
My heart meets your
As they both unite,
Everyone seems surprise
With them surprise I am.

You look at me and smile again
Says it's the line that matters,
The line stands for respect
Here respect is my respect;
There were lots of man out there
Many were rich, Many were handsome,
But I chose you from them
For you don't love me, you adore me.

अंततः जवान

तुझसे ही मैं बना
बना मेरा जहां,
तेरे साथ खेला
तेरे आँचल में सोया;
गुजरा मेरा बचपन
तुझे देख हुआ बड़ा,
तुझीसे इश्क़ हुआ
तुझी मैं हुआ फना।

यह हीर-राँझा
यह शिरीन-फरहाद,
की मिशाले दी गईं
कई तारीफ़ें भी हुई;
पर मेरी दिवांगीको
मेरे यह पागलपनको,
न चाहीये कोई तारीफ
न ही कोई अलफाज़।

तुझीसे हूँ बना
तुझी में मिल जाता हूँ,
जवान ही जीता हूँ
जवान ही मर जाता हूँ।


I rolled the tongue
Apply pressure
My teeth got stuck
My heart beats fast
I feel the tension
Fear the criticism
Use different word
Search the alternates
Sentence is over
In my mind
But I fumble
Didn't speak a word
Feel embarrassed
Wanted to die
To be dumb is better
Than being a stammerer
But next day
Again I speak
May be good
May be bad
Yes I am the one
Who you tease
A part of comedy
A mode of joke
Still I fight with you
To prove you
That as long as
My heart beats
My voice will not stop!

Dedicated to all stammerer including me.


Less was my earning
Less was my demand,
Just earn, eat and sleep
As my wants reprimand;
In darkness of deficiency
I find nothing charming,
To care about my family
Was beyond everything.

But my hunger for more
Leads me to earn more,
Earning leads to luxuries
Luxuries lead to greed;
Now I am low on sleep
With emotions taking dip,
Things are my family
My families are now things;
The lust for more
Makes me to rob more,
Rob myself from reality
Rob myself from myself.