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Shayari 15

मैं ना मजनू ना ही मैं रांझा
ना ही कोई पारो का दीवाना,
मैं तो जाम था तेरे होठों का
जो छलका और छलकता चला गया।

पहेली है तेरी ज़िन्दगानी

बचपन में ही बड़ा हो जाना
दूसरे केे घर को स्वर्ग बनाना,
दुनिया कहती है तुझे अबला
पूजती है तुझे दुर्गा और अम्बा;
तेरी ज़िन्दगी है जैसे पहेली
हर मोड़ पर है अलग कहानी,
ना कोई समझा, ना ही पाएगा
तेरी महानता को आंक ना पाएगा।


Sky was always there
With there was curiosity,
Curiosity of what's there
There in deep dark space;
Few guys got trained
Trained to go and explore,
Came out with new things
That changed whole concept.

Similar was with internet
Many were unaware of it,
Then CERN came in light
Giving world a new birth;
Exposing a common man
To numerous common man,
Blessing man with power
Power to redefine technology.

This poem is written in context with INTERNAUT DAY marking its 25th anniversary on 23rd August, 2016. Let's celebrate and applaude Tim-Berners Lee for revolutionising the internet world by developing WWW and making it available for universal usage.

# The attached photo is not author's work


You are the writer
Write your own life,
Don't copy-paste others
Write your original;
Many are the words
Choose your sentence,
You like it or not
The full stop is certain;
So go and add meaning
Stop following others,
Create your own sentence
Let the world follow it.

# The photo is not author's work


तुझसे झगड़ना अच्छा लगता है
अच्छा लगता है फिर मनाना,
मेरी सबसे अच्छी दोस्त भी तू
सबसे करीब भी है बस तू;
माँ का आशीर्वाद तो था हमेशा
पर रक्षा तो की तेरे इस डोर ने,
आ आज फिर लगादे चन्दन
बाँध दे मुझे तू यह रक्षाबंधन।


इस ज़माने के तराज़ू में
जब जब मैं तोला गया,
मेरे बोल के कोइ मोल न मिले
बस उनके मोल के बोल हुए;
सचाई, भला वो क्या चीज़ है
यहाँ रिश्तों का भी बाज़ार है,
बेचनेवाले कई मिलेंगे साहब
बस सही दाम का इंतज़ार है।

VARYING HUNGER- हर भूख अलग सा

Died inside long ago
Only body survives now,
Many predators fed on me
Leaving me in well to die;
The hunger keeps me alive
To face the world again,
My body is their prey
As I sell it everyday.

But one day he comes
He who seems different,
His eyes see my eyes
As he touches me deep;
He don't booze at all
But made me feel like that,
In his innocent voice
I faint like anything.

यह भूख भी कैसी भूख है 
जो हर दम बदलती है , 
 इस छोटे से जहाँ  में 
हर रोज़ यह बढ़ती है ; 
अपनी भूख की तलाश में 
मैं हर रोज़ भटकती हूँ , 
खाने की तलाश मैं खाना बन 
रोज़ कई भुक मिटाती हूँ I  

Shayari 14

कई चपेटे खाकर निकलती है शायरी
जितना ज़्यादा दर्द उतनी निखरती है शायरी
आप जो वाह वाह करके ग़ालिब कह रहें हैं
आप ही से शुरू आप ही पे ख़त्म होती है शायरी


This world is a school
We are all student,
We are here to learn
We are here to behave;
Here they sow conscience
To reap our efforts in future,
Define new relations
Ask us to learn them.
Then a bell goes on
I meet someone different,
Who follows no rules
Who seems all stupid;
For him bondage is freedom
To be close is to be true,
Nothing relates him and me
May be that's why he's close to me.
Happy Friendship Day to everyone out there. Thanks for becoming a part of my life.


ना रिश्ता कोई खून का
ना ही जज़्बातों का,
ना कोई उम्मीद है तुझसे
ना प्यार करता हूँ तुझसे;
फिर भी जुड़ा है तू मुझसे
वाकित है मेरे नस नस से,
जानता है सारी बातें तू
पहचानता है तू रग रग से।
तेरी हर बात लगती है सच्ची
बुरी बात भी लगती है अच्छी,
रूठने का यहाँ कोई नाम नहीं
माफ़ी का यहाँ कोई काम नहीं;
एक रिश्ता होता है आदर का
एक होता है प्यार का,
पर जब दोनों मिल जाते हैं
बनता है रिश्ता यार का।


Leaving everything behind
You come along with me,
In my ignored barren heart
Sow seeds of love therein;
Grass of hope spreads
Desert of loneliness shrinks,
Who is the question for all?
Wife is the answer for all.

Wanted to grow quickly
Now want to be child again,
This world rudely denying it
Tagged me as grown man;
But with you oh my dear
I am free to be insane,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all.

You share my every stress
If untold ask again and again,
Force as if you're mom
Upset as if you're friend;
People make jokes on you
You save me becoming a joke,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all.

My life so far was good
You made it much better,
Bearing the deadly pain
Give birth to a child later;
I was happy to have you
Now I'm blessed to have you,
Who is the question for all
Wife is the answer for all. 


This poem tells a story of three entities; a boy, his heart and his mind and what goes on through each of them when a girl encounters. It's the mixture of confusion, love and pain. It's the story of falling in love, getting heart broken and moving on with life.

It's a story of every boy