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Shayari 21

आज बहुत दिन बाद उनका पैगाम आया है
लगता है फिर कोई इनकार का फरमान आया है,
चलो फिर दिल जलाने का समय आ गया है
दिलजलों की बस्ती में घर बनाने का वक्त आ गया है।

Shayari 20

फिर से आगे बढ़ने के लिए
मेने खुदको ही फुसला लिया,
उनके कल को बनाने के लिए
मेने अपना आज भुला दिया।


In the bowl of beautiful future
I hid poison of truth with sweets,
I wasn't a liar nor I wanted to lose you
So I tried this innocent trick;
But then came that unwanted day
When you dug deep to take out it,
You swallowed it trusting me again
As I helplessly saw you dying;
I ran across asking and begging
But fell eventually to doctor of life,
He warned me that I might lose you
As I exchanged my life to save yours.


She: Do you love me?
He: No! I adore you.

She: Do you dream of me?
He: No! You're mine in reality.

She: Will you keep me happy?
He: No! I will keep you happiest.

She: Are you rich?
He: No! I am poor without you.

She: Will you love me till I get old?
He: No! I will love you till death.

She: Are you rich?
He: No! But my arms are.

She: Will you marry me?
He: N....Yes, Yes, Yes.


Dreams don't have you
I find you in realities,
Realities that worth more
Worth more with you;
You're infectious my friend
I find tranquility with you,
Something that's divine
Something never define.


Come! Come close to me
Spend some time with me,
Live the moment
Live me in that moment;
Moment which will be a part
Part of sentence of your life,
Which was written long ago
Will be edited by me in future.

# The attached photo isn't author's work


Every time the ink flowed from my pen
It had words that were added to emotions,
The words which are now immortal
The words that's alive in my readers.