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If my life is a book
And you are a part of it
Then every moment passed with you
Will be a bookmark for me.


क्या लिखूं क्या ना लिखूं
के बीच जब जब फस जाता हूँ मैं,
तब तब तेरे एक ख्याल से ही
कुछ हर्फे लिख लेता हूँ मैं;
दिल तो पासबान है तेरी यादों का
कई अच्छे-बुरे लम्हें छुपाएं हुए,
हर अल्फ़ाज़ को सजीव कर देता हूँ मैं
तेरी यादों से रूहानियत भरते हुए।


Every second a human is born on earth
Very next second we make him man
First by name, then by religion
Followed by race and by nationality
Tagging doesn't stop; goes on and on
By comparing money and degree he earn
Rest of the life passes carrying these tags
Living and surviving under these tags
This solemnity lies even when dead
When some left with condolence
and Some left without any knowledge.

# The attached photo is not author's work


So lovely and so attracting
Doors of excitement awaited for me,
I went there to get in
But two gatekeepers stopped me;
One asked for ticket of time
Other for ticket of money,
With I having only time, no money
I was shown the way out.

Years later I came again
This time with much money,
Elated that I will be in
I met the guards with pride;
I got the entry for money
But failed to get the other,
I came out again sadly
Just because I had no time.

Time passes and years later
I am too old and weak,
To reach even the gate
To relish every happiness;
Lament that it's too late
Even when I have both,
Like every other human
I become prey to life.